9 Things That are Killing Your Ability to Attract Wealth

Part two (of three)

This is the second piece of  9 Things That are Killing Your Ability to Attract Wealth. For a proper introduction you can find part one here, but basically these are a couple of habits that could be totally killing your ability to attract wealth.  


4. You don’t feel abundant

This is tied hand in hand to the lack mentality I mentioned in part one of this series.

If you don’t feel abundant you will never have abundance because the law of attraction is always responding to how you think and feel (and is constantly giving you more of that). 

If you feel poor, you will attract more experiences that make you feel poor. But if you feel abundant, you will attract more experiences that make you feel abundant. You catching my drift here?

The real question is though (and I’m sure you’re already thinking it): How can I feel abundant if I have no abundance?! #frustrating

I know your pain, but I have a simple solution.

The reason we want wealth and financial abundance is because of the way we think it will make us feel. Having money makes people feel secure, safe, powerful, abundant... But in order to attract wealth into our experience we have to be a vibrational match to it.

Meaning you have to practice feeling the emotions of (or vibrate to the frequency of) security, safety, power, and abundance because that is going to attract wealth into your experience like a magnet!  

Back to the question at hand about feeling abundant. Well, everybody has some sort of abundance in their life, maybe it’s just not an abundance of money (yet). The best part is that you don't need money to feel abundant.

There’s a ridiculously easy way to feel abundant without having any money. It's so easy even kindergarteners do it.

It’s called gratitude.

Practicing gratitude is the fastest way to capture the feeling of abundance. Once you realize how much you already have to be grateful for you will instantly feel the abundance in your life. And if you can capture that sensation, you can harness it attract financial abundance.

Sometimes you just need to change your definition of abundance in order to capture the feeling you are looking for. Focus on the abundance in other areas of your life such as health, relationships, freedom, whatever it may be.

Think of it like highjacking your emotions so you can attract certain things with them. It works quite well. 

The cure: Look for every single thing you can be thankful for. Start a gratitude journal. Be thankful every day. 

Only when you feel thankful will the Universe give you more to be thankful for. So show it that you notice and appreciate your blessings. 

Also, stop complaining. Just give it up. Complaining will only attract more things to complain about as I'm sure you've already noticed by now.


5. You don’t have a vision


Know what you want and you’ll generally get it.
— Napoleon Hill



When it comes to attracting wealth you have to be something that most people aren't. Specific.

Lets play a little game. I'm the Universe and you are... you. 

You tell me you want more money. I hand you a dollar.

Congratulations, you have more money!  Oh wait, you're not happy with just a dollar? Oh... you wanted like a lot more money? Thousands, millions... Well why didn't you say so?!

Technically, you would have more money, but you'd probably be kicking yourself for not having been more specific.

Well friends, that’s how the Universe works. You say you want “more money” and then you go on with your life to find a lucky penny out on the street or, better yet, a twenty dollar bill all crumbled up in the pocket of you freshly washed jeans.  Technically, that’s more money that the Universe has delivered to you in response to your request.

How can you expect the Universe to take you seriously if you don't even know what you want?

You have to be very specific with the Universe about a couple of things when it comes to money; exactly how much you want, what you're gonna do to make it, and when you'll have it by. The Universe loves clarity, so get specific.

The cure: Specify! Decide how much money you will receive (every day, week, month, year…) and then figure out what you have to do to get there.

I'll use myself (hairstylist) as an example. If I wanted to make $100,000 a year I would have to make $8,333.33 a month. In order to make $8,333.33 a month I would have to make $2,083.33 a week. In order to make $2,083.33 per week I would have to make $694.44 a day, three days a week (which is how much I currently work).

All I have to do to make $694.44 a day is take around 4-8 clients, just depends on what services they need and how much product I sell. As you can see, now I have broken down my goal into a daily actionable task. This is how to reverse engineer your goals so you can make them happen.

In this case, I want exactly $100,000 by the end of the year and I plan on getting it in exchange for making people look and feel awesome. This is a solid plan that the Universe can back me up on!

(If you need help getting clear about what you want so you can start aligning with it, be sure to download my free "Manifesting Cheat Sheet”! It will help you work wonders.)


6. You think rich people are ass holes

When someone pulls up in a super nice sports car do you think “Psh! Show off...”?

If you think rich people are ass holes then guess what, you're never going to get rich. Wanna know why? Because subconsciously you don’t want to be an ass hole so you will unknowingly push money away.

Your subconsious mind is a billion times more powerful than your conscious mind. This is why it is imperative to notice any negative beliefs or associations you have around money and then immediately change them. I talk more about changing your beliefs in How to Use Affirmations (Without Feeling Like a Liar), but I'm about to help you change some common ones below.

The cure: Notice your negative beliefs surrounding money and change them ASAP. 

For the record, here's a list of a bunch of super rich people who are not ass holes. In fact, they are wealthy because they have found a way help SO many people. If you haven't heard of some of them or experienced their work I highly recommend you check them out. Tony Robins, Joe Vitale, Oprah Winfrey (obviously), T Harv. Eker, Marie Forleo, Dale Partridge, Jack Canfield... the list goes on.

And here are some other common negative beliefs to watch out for.

Money is evil. Seriously? How can money be evil? It's literally a dirty piece of weird fabric paper with a picture of a dead person on it. George Bernad Shaw said it best when he put it this way, "Lack of money is the root of all evil." #amen

I have to have money to make money. Uh, no you don't. It's called "the internet". 

Money doesn't grow on trees. Aka "money isn't easy to come by". Technically, it sorta does grow on trees since it's made out of paper... And also, you should just rid your vocabulary of the phrase "hard earned" because it really doesn't have to be that hard.

It's the economy. Every time you come up with excuses you throw away your personal power. More on this to come in part three.

Money corrupts people. Money only makes people more of who they are! If you are good now, you can do massively good things when you are wealthy because you'll supply the financial power.

I can't charge that much. Sure you can! As long as your providing more value than anyone else to your customers, you can charge more than anyone else too. 

Those a just a few (out of about a billion) of examples, but I think you're starting to get the idea. Change your perspective, change your life.


Change your perspective, change your life. tweet it


This concludes part two! To continue to part 3 click here!





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9 Things That are Killing Your Ability to Attract Wealth