9 Things That are Killing Your Ability to Attract Wealth

Part three (of three)

This is the grande finale to the three part series 9 Things That are Killing Your Ability to Attract Wealth! If you missed parts one and two be sure to read those first.

Here's part 1 and part 2.

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7. You’re not a giver. 

Do you leave bad tips at restaurants? Do you say you'll start donating to your favorite charity once you have more money to donate? 

If so, then you are not much of a giver. And if you don’t give now, you will never give when you have more, let’s get real. If you don't give a dime of your dollar, you won't give a thousand out of ten thousand (or whatever number you choose).

The point is... the Universe loves givers. And if you do give (and enjoy doing so) the Universe will give you more to give! Like Anne Frank said, "No one has ever become poor by giving."


You can't out-give the Universe. Tweet it


The cure: Give! If you give, you will receive.

Some call it karma. I call it good old law of attraction working its energetic magic.

When you give to others you are showing yourself and the Universe that you have so much money that you even have extra to just give away whenever you please! It feels good, and feeling good is the fastest way to attract more good feeling things (like money) into your life experience.

Practice donating 10% of your income to charity every month. If you're thinking you can’t afford to do it, that’s just your lack mentality sneaking in again. If the government made you pay an extra 10% more in taxes you would find a way to make it work right? So just make it work and the benefits will be well worth the investment. (I'm not implying that you should only give to get, but it sure does help!)


8. You make excuses.

There are no victims. Only volunteers.
— Lee Milteer


Do you feel like life is always happening to you instead of for you? Do you always blame your life circumstances on someone or something outside of yourself? Do you feel like it’s you against the world?

If you answered yes to any of the above you are playing the victim. You feel like your life is outside of your control.

The good news is that it’s actually not! Luckily your life is your masterpiece. You don't have to be a victim, you can choose to be the creator instead!

You, and you alone, are the creator of your own reality whether you realize it or not. Every time you play the victim or make excuses you are throwing your personal power away! 


Take responsibility, reclaim your power. tweet it


Now I'm not saying anything is necessarily your fault or that you created certain things on purpose, but what I am saying is that by taking responsibility for your life you can change things for the better, instead of letting life walk all over you. Doesn't that feel good? Knowing it's all in your hands... (I know it sure does for me since I'm what they call a "control freak". Although, I prefer the term control enthusiast.)

The cure: Claim your responsibility and own your power. Your willingness to take on responsibility will bring you wealth.

Every time you catch yourself making an excuse put a dollar in the excuse jar. When it’s full you have to give it away. It's the perfect analogy of how when you use excuses you lose your dough. Literally.


9. You're waiting to win the lotto.

If you place a lot of attention on acquiring money by winning it you will most likely never have it. There are two major problems with this.

1. As we all know, chances of winning are slim to none.

2. You're literally betting against yourself.

When you think your riches are going to be handed to you by fluke chance you are affirming to the Universe, “I cannot create my own wealth and I don’t deserve to have good things in my life except by freak accident.”

Talk about not believing in yourself! That is not the kind of message you want to be sending out.

The cure: Believe in yourself! You don't need the lotto to be rich.

Instead of banking on winning the lottery how about you bank on yourself!

You have drive, talent, and determination. Put them to good use and make something amazing of this lifetime.

Don't leave it up to chance. You got this!

Besides, most people who win end up losing it all anyway. Or even worse, they become more in debt than they were before winning because their mental "money blueprint" never changed. If somebody with a poor person mindset wins the lotto they will always become poor again because they are not in alignment with wealth. It all stats from within.


This is an inspirational blog so let's summarize by reviewing what we should do differently to start attracting wealth today! Here are the nine cures.


1. Change your beliefs.

2. Know that you are worthy.

3. Clean your wallet, home, and office.

4. Practice gratitude.

5. Be specific.

6. Change your perspective.

7. Give, give, give!

8. Take responsibility.

9. Believe in yourself.


(Helpful Hint: Download my free “Manifesting Cheat Sheet” to help you with some of these tasks so you can get to manifesting those dollars ASAP.)

Basically, if you're having trouble with money take a look within. You'll be amazed how much your focus and perspective are affecting your physical reality.

I wanted to write about money not because it's the end all be all of life, but because money buys us the most important resource of all, time. The more money we can attract into our experience, the less time we have to spend making it. This means more time to spend with family and friends, more time to explore the world and read books, more time to live and be free!

Financial freedom is something many will dream of and only some will achieve. I sincerely hope this article sheds light on some of your personal habits that are hindering your ability to attract wealth so you can create simple shifts for radical change.

P.S. If you gained any value from this article or would like to read the other parts as well I would recommend you download the full article so you can come back to it whenever you need a little money mindset pick-me-up.






9 Things Killing Your Ability to Attract Wealth