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This is the place for people who want to start owning their power and winning at life. I’m Kelsey Aida (pronounced aye-E-duh, like the Italian Opera). I conquered depression and am now one of the happiest, most energetic people I know! Over the past couple of years I have completely transformed my life through psychological, spiritual and metaphysical practices - but that was only the beginning...

I'm a girl with a message.

After I survived a brutal, three year long battle with dysthymia depression I dedicated my life to the study and practice of masterful living (aka squeezing the awesomeness out of life).

In my mission to escape the darkness I dove deep into studying the true meaning of life and began to take control of my happiness like a full time job. I found myself totally absorbed in every self improvement book, podcast, blog, event, article, exercise, course, you name it. If it has anything to do with happiness or living life to the fullest, I learn it and then live it.

I turned my life around, one day at a time, and realized that life isn't so bad after all. It's actually an entirely awesome experience where we can be, do or have whatever we want!

Once I relearned the truth of who I really am, a powerful creator of my own reality, I came into my own. Now I'm winning at life and thriving in every aspect.

Life is fun and easy for me, like it should be for everyone. 

My Mission

My goal is to provide actionable inspiration and empowerment so you too can own your power and win at life. 

Today, as an activist for inspired change, I share with you what I have learned and continue to study regarding all things good in the hopes of helping you achieve the same positive fire for life that I have cultivated for myself. I want you to be happy, empowered, inspired, and totally in control of your life. I write about anything that will help you raise your vibration (aka feel better) and how to become the ultimate creator of your own reality. Sounds pretty fun doesn't it? Well, it is!

Join Me

I hope my blog enlightens, inspires, and teaches you how to win the game of life. If it does, I'd love it if you send me a note! The best way to keep in touch with me is to join my free inspirational newsletter (so you never miss an article). 

Some Fun Facts About Me

I never went to college.

I do hair and makeup for a living.

I've been a dancer since I was two years old. Ballet mostly.

I travel the country dancing on stilts as a living grape vine.

I'm super afraid of killer whales for no explainable reason.

I'm an active yogi and yoga teacher. Ommmm...

I'm an extremely picky eater. If a five year old likes it, I like it. #macandcheeselife

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