9 Things That are Killing Your Ability to Attract Wealth

Part One (of three)

From a law of attraction standpoint there are many things that could go wrong when trying to attract wealth.

For starters, how can you attract wealth if you don't feel wealthy? We will get there. Or what does moving clutter around have anything to do with making money? We will go there too.

In this three part series, I have identified nine major habits that totally kill your ability to attract wealth and a simple cure for each. Didn't think I would call you out and then leave you hanging, did you?

This article was broken up into three parts for two reasons. First, it was getting so long it started to look more like a chapter of a book than an article. And secondly, it will help the information become more easily digestible so you don't get overwhelmed.

If you find yourself guilty of one (or all) of these nine wealth killing habits, do not freak out. I repeat. Do not freak out.

Recognizing your mistakes is the first step to transforming them. Be gentle with yourself and apply the cures to the habits you feel are most prevalent in your behavior first.

Applying these cures will surely help you transform yourself into a wealth attracting magnet. So get ready and read on!


1. You have a lack mentality

Are you always jealous of successful people? Do you constantly remind yourself how you can’t afford things? Do you feel like there’s just never enough money? 

If you can relate to any of the above, you're stuck in a lack mentality. And you're not alone. Lack mentality is one of the most significant things that holds people back.

Lack mentality (otherwise know as scarcity or poverty mentality) is when you are constantly focused on the lack in your life and feel that money is a limited resource. And it will surely kill your flow of abundance faster than you can say “I’m broke!” (Which you probably always do if you're one of these people.)

When you practice a lack mentality you probably say things like “I hate living paycheck to paycheck,” “The government takes all my money,” or “Money goes out faster than it comes in.” Sound familiar?

Luckily, a lack mentality is not something you have to live with! You can choose to think differently by simply changing your perception.

Lack mentality sneaks into peoples brains in many different forms so you have to pay very close attention to any negative or limiting thoughts you have around money.

For me, since I’m in the personal service industry, I always felt that my gain was someone else's loss, which lead me to behaving timidly when conversations around pricing came up. That was until I came across one of the best money attracting books of all time No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners Guide to Really Getting Rich where Dan Kennedy blew my mind when he said…

If you believe it’s limited then you believe each dollar you get came to you at someone else’s expense; your gain another’s loss. That makes your subconscious mind queasy… If you believe wealth is unlimited, there is no such thing as a share of it. Everybody’s share is unlimited.. Your wealth is addition for you but subtraction for no one.
— Dan Kennedy

Boom! #mindblown 

A very common lack mentality belief is that there is only so much money to go around. You feel like you only have a tiny slice of the money pie. But guess what. There's no pie! Completely disregard the popularly toxic phrase "fair share".

Everybody can eat as many pies as they want! There's an endless amount of money, especially when you consider that most money doesn't even exist physically. Most money is just a number that represents money. So as long as there are numbers, there are dollars.

The cure: Make every belief (no matter how prevalent or hidden) that wealth is limited go away. Anything that makes your subconsious "queasy" has to go! 

Find every shred of evidence you can to prove to yourself that money is an abundant resource. Open your eyes to the never-ending amount of dollars available to you at any time.

This may include separating yourself from people (often friends and family) who practice lack mentality, hanging out in fancy places so you can notice how much money there is around, subscribing to rich people magazines so you can see how much money people spend, and reading books that prove to you how unlimited money really is (Like Dan Kennedy's No B.S. Wealth Attraction).


2. You don’t feel worthy

Why?! What makes someone more worthy than you exactly?

Is it their charming good looks, big business brains, or are they just plain "lucky"? I'll tell you that it's none of those things because unlike how you have lots of opinions about money, money has no opinions about you. It doesn't discriminate.

I’ve never fully understood this one because I’ve never struggled with a lack of confidence in the feeling worthy department (if anything my parents would say I feel pretty damn entitled), but I do know a LOT of people who do struggle and to those people I say this;

You are a sacred being who deserves to have whatever you can conjure up in your imagination. You are worthy of success, abundance and financial freedom. It is your divine right to live a full life of prosperity. Own it.

The cure: Know your worth. Do whatever you can to raise your self esteem.

I like these simple affirmations…


"I choose to feel good about myself starting now." tweet it


"I will no longer wait to be 'perfect' in order to love myself." Tweet it


"I am worthy of anything that makes me happy because everybody, including me, deserves to be happy" tweet it


This article will also really help you if self esteem is an issue: The Truth of Who You Are.


3. Your Feng Shui sucks

When it comes to wealth attraction clutter is the enemy! 

If your wallet is old, falling apart, and full of trash I'm talking to you. Likewise if your office and bedroom are full of old things, piles of papers, and just general clutter, it’s time to do some spring cleaning so wealth can begin to flow into your life.

Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Expert, says that your Feng Shui accounts for a whopping 33.3% of your attraction capabilities. So even if you're thinking and doing all the right things, your messy space could be holding your wealth attracting potential back by a whole third! That’s why it’s so imperative to create an inviting space for opportunities and abundance to flow into your life.

Feng Shui is very metaphorical. When your wallet is a mess you are sending a message to the Universe that you do not respect your money. Not only that, but a cluttered wallet full of old receipts and gift cards (that you’ll never use) is not allowing any space for new money to flow in because it’s already so jam packed with stuff!

Wouldn't you rather your wallet be full of money instead of junk? Exactly.

Basically, the Universe likes it when you have your shit together. When it comes to attracting financial abundance it’s especially important to clear clutter and make space in your wallet, office, and bedroom.

Think about it, nobody wants to do business with someone who’s office is a mess and uncomfortable to be in! And if your bedroom is cluttered your thoughts will be too. Which won't allow a good environment for breeding creativity, which is essential to making money. 

The cure: Clean out your wallet, home and office. Make them as clean and shiny as can be. 

One of the simplest and easiest ways to attract wealth is to declutter your physical space. When you make space you create new space. Space for money making opportunities and ideas to flow into your experience.

A great success direction in Feng Shui is South East. In the South East area of your office place things that represent abundance. Golden objects, a bowl overflowing with coins, a small fountain, books about money, pictures of successful people, whatever symbolizes financial abundance for you.

If you think I’m kidding, I dare you to try it and then think again! It’s not magic. It’s the law of attraction (which is technically quantum physics).

If you want to declutter, but have trouble letting go of things this article will help: 8 Questions to Help You Declutter for Clarity

That just about sums it up for part one. Continue to part two here!

Also, I encourage you to pick up a copy of No B.S. Wealth Attraction (I have placed a link below). It will seriously change your life so that you can change your mindset around money (especially if you struggle with lack mentality).



9 Things That are KILLING Your Ability to Attract WEALTH