9 Ways to Tell When You Are Energetically in Alignment

Remember that one time when you felt like you were on top of the world and everything (somehow) went perfectly? All the traffic lights were green on your way to work, a stranger bought your coffee, and your friend even sent you a new client!

Well, that wasn't coincidence. It all happened because you were in alignment.In alignment energetically, that is. Meaning your vibration (aka mood) was perfectly lined up with who you really are.

On that note, here are 9 fun ways to tell when you're in that energetic sweet spot! Plus, some of these signs can work in reverse! For example, you wanting to eat better is a sign that you're approaching energetic alignment, but you can also start eating better to get yourself into alignment! It works both ways.

9 Ways to Tell When You Are Energetically in Alignment

1. Traffic is Good

This may seem random, but it's no doubt an energetic side effect of you getting into alignment. When all the lights are green and people just seem to get out of your way... that's when you know you are in a sweet spot vibrationally. Parking will also be nice and easy too! #winning

2. People are Nicer

Your vibe attracts your tribe. When you raise your vibration not only will new people with similar vibrations enter into your experience (Yay for new friends!), but you will have more pleasant interactions with all the people in your daily life. The grocery store clerk will hold open the door for you. The nice lady at the post office will actually smile at you (gasp!). Maybe you'll even make a new friend at work. The possibilities are endless!

3. Your Eating Habits Change

Since mind, body and soul all interconnected, when you work on one area the others will naturally improve as well. So, when you come more into alignment with who you really are (that's the mind/soul work) your body will also reflect this change and crave healthier foods. It's a win-win!

4. Life feels Easy

When you're in alignment, everything lines up for you (and that is no coincidence)! Everything seems effortless and easy because you've already done "the work" energetically. The Universe is finally able to have your back because you've surrendered. (If you like the idea of the Universe having your back I highly recommend you also read these articles: How to Stop Playing Life on Hard Mode and How to Trust Your Life with One Powerful Technique!)

5. You Appreciate More

When you are in alignment with your highest self you will see things as God (or whatever higher power you believe in) sees them, thus causing you to find the beauty in everything and feel extremely grateful. You finally start to notice and appreciate the little things in life, which is such a lovely thing, don't you think?

6. You ditch habits that don't serve you

When you feel good you'll start giving up things that no longer serve you. Maybe you'll quit drinking or smoking... Since your vibration has raised, you won't be a vibrational match to that kind of lifestyle anymore. Similar to how you'll pick better foods.

7. People Like you more

People WILL notice your energy has changed. Maybe they won't consciously realize what has happened, but they may say things like "You seem different" or "You're so lucky" (because things will be working out for you) or "I really like being around you". Your energy will feel good to them and in turn will make you feel good! And although most people will find you more attractive, some people will drop you or exit your life because you guys are no longer a vibrational match. This is OK! You don't want the negative Nancy's hanging around you anyway.

8. Your manifestations start showing up

Probably one of my favorite things is about being in alignment is that your manifestations finally start to show up in real life! Dreams become reality because you are now a vibrational match to them. You know that job you always wanted or that perfect soul mate you have only dreamt of. Well, once you've raised your vibration enough they shall be yours! It's very fun and exciting. #empowering (If you're new to the whole manifesting thing stick with me, aka get on my email list, and your life will change for the better!)

9. You feel amazing

All that other stuff is great and all, but THIS... This is whole point of getting into alignment. This is the best part of all. You will feel amazing!

When you're in alignment you feel so clear and purposeful about your life. You are happy in the moment and excited for the future. You feel fulfilled and whole. You will feel like dancing and singing in the car on the way to work. You will feel like leaving really big tips at restaurants. You will feel like the world is yours (because it really is).

Ready to whip yourself into alignment?

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