The Ultimate Positive Affirmation: Actually, I Can.

This is a little inspirational excerpt from my latest book #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness, a book that teaches you all about how to reinvent every area of your life with positive affirmations. I hope it inspires you to do that thing you never thought you could.


The Ultimate Positive Affirmation: Actually, I Can.


When I first started my inspirational blog (, I had no idea if I could actually pull it off. I mean, anyone can start a blog nowadays, but could I really help to create a shift in global consciousness?!

I didn’t just want to write articles to write articles. I wanted to write articles to change people’s lives. I wanted to start a movement, to show people how to tap into their personal power and start winning at life!

But my ego was very quick to remind me of what most people would consider disqualifications. I was only a 22-year-old girl who didn't even go to college. (Ouch.) I couldn’t be a writer! And I sure as hell didn’t know anything about blogging. Clearly, I was in way over my head. Just a silly girl trying to change the world.

Then, as the Universe would have it, I stumbled upon a positive affirmation that was going around the internet: Actually, I can.

So I changed my inner dialog. Whenever my ego would try to burst my bubble, I would just shut it up with my new affirmation.

You can’t be the next Tony Robbins and help millions of people.

Actually, I can.

You can’t make a (better than) full time living off a stupid blog.

Actually, I can. 

You’re practically still a kid; you can’t teach people about life.

Actually, I can. (Especially because I have the highest diploma from the “School of Life” to show for it: happiness.)

I even made part of the password that I use to log into my blog “Actually, I can”. Every time I start working, I have to type it out and remind myself that actually, I can. 

And now I’m really doing it! I’m already reaching thousands of people with my message. People from around the globe are emailing me every day to tell me how such and such article helped them change their life. I even wrote this book for crying out loud!

So the next time someone (cough cough, your ego) tells you that you can’t, now you have the perfect comeback. #actuallyican

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