The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness

Learn how to create a badass life you love with positive affirmations! #ActuallyICan will help you Manifest...

  • financial freedom

  • radical self-love

  • vibrant health

  • kick-ass relationships

  • inner peace

#ActuallyICan The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness
Love this inspirational book! #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness

a new spin on an old self-improvement technique; positive affirmations.

This is not your typical “self-help”/positive affirmation book.

#ActuallyICan is a fresh blueprint for how to win at life. In this inspirational book, Kelsey Aida shows you how affirmations are already running your life and what to do about it, how to craft a new life that you love instead, and also includes hundreds of powerful affirmations (specifically designed to help you create financial freedom, radical self-love, vibrant health, kick-ass relationships, inner peace and more).
In this enlightening and empowering guidebook, Kelsey explains her creative method of using affirmations in combination with your emotions so that you can own your power and win at life for good this time! As opposed to the old, “fake it till you make it” affirmation approach, this book teaches you how to feel it till you make it and shows you how to affirm yourself to greatness, without the struggle.

Side effects of reading #ActuallyICan may include, but are not limited to…


#ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness
  • Increased levels of confidence

  • A lot more money

  • Unexplainable excitement about life

  • Inner peace

  • Unbelievable health

  • All around badassery


Kelsey Aida is an inspirational blogger and author of #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness

About The Author

Kelsey Aida is a next generation thought leader who has taught thousands of people how to own their power and win at life with her wildly popular blog kelseyaida.com.

Her mission is to empower people to step into their greatness with the same actionable inspiration that helped her beat depression and become one of the happiest people she knows. 

Read her story here.