Split Energy: The Best Way to Sabotage Your Desired Manifestations

When I first heard the term split energy (from Abraham Hicks, of course) I thought it meant something really cool. "Split energy... now we're talkin'! Sounds fancy..."

But, I was sorely mistaken. Because when it comes to manifesting, split energy is apparently NOT as cool as it sounds. In fact, split energy is often the one thing that's holding you apart from your desired manifestation. GASP!

Split Energy: The Best Way to Sabotage Your Desired Manifestations

What is Split Energy?

So what is split energy you ask?

Split energy is simply when your energy or focus is split in half. (Well, duh.) On one hand, you're focusing on what you want, but at the same time, you're also focusing on how you don't have it.

Or maybe you're focusing on what you want while simultaneously focusing on why you want it, justifying your desire by focusing on your current reality. Split energy is basically just wanting something, but feeling without it.

You think you're focused on what you want, but you're not focused enough for it to actually happen. You're too busy also thinking about the absence of it, how it's too hard, or not gonna happen, or whatever the case may be.

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Examples of Split Energy

Here's what split energy looks like in action. Maybe one of these will sound oddly familiar to you...

"I would love more money, but I'm just not willing to put in the work it takes to get it."

"I want a new car because the one I have now is so horrible and old. I hate it with all my heart. A new car would make my life sooo much better than it is right now."

"I really want to be in a relationship, but nobody is ever that into me. I've always been single. Whenever it gets close to being serious they just run away."

"I've been wanting to move to Hawaii because the people here as so bothersome and the weather sucks and I just need to start over."

You catching my drift here?

The general jist is "Get me over there because I'm unhappy here." But this thought pattern never, ever works.

You can't get to "happy over there" from "unhappy here". Because "unhappy here" is not a vibrational match to "happy over there", like, at all! It's as if your thoughts are just canceling each other out, keeping you forever stuck. That is, until you can learn to focus better.

How to Cure Split Energy

As soon as you can make the majority of your thoughts about what you do want, and stop justifying why you want it or why you don't have it yet, it will come. #thatwaseasy

It's also important to remember this is an inclusion based Universe. When you say and focus on what you don't want you're still inviting it into your experience. You can't get rid of things you don't want by focusing on them and talking (or should I say, complaining) about them all the time. 


So, stop justifying why you want what you want.

You're allowed to want things for the sole purpose that they will make you happy. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Wanting more is natural and totally ok.


Similarly, stop talking about how the situation currently is.

The present moment is already old news as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned. Everything that's happening to you now is because of the dominant vibration or mood you offered in the past.


Lastly, Do whatever it takes to tip the scales of focus.

Visualize your split energy as if it were on a scale. On one side you have your focus on the desired outcome. On the other you have your precious little justification, hindering belief, current reality, etc... When your energy is split, both sides are fairly even. But what you need is more emphasis, or in this case, weight on the desired outcome side in order for your manifestation to show up in real life. There are two ways to achieve this. 1. You can either focus more on the desired outcome than you are now, or 2. Focus less on the other side.

I recommend the ladder. Because it's usually a lot easier to rid yourself of the hindering thoughts than to make good ones stronger since you've probably been trying to manifest this thing (whatever it may be for you) for a while now, so focusing on it more it just gonna be frustrating.

And if you just can't focus any better than you already are, don't focus on it at all! That's right. I said it. Don't focus on the very thing your heart desires anymore.

The universe already knows you feakin' want it! Focus on something else for the time being. Something that actually does make you feel good when you think about it. Because the real key to manifesting is to raise your vibration so that you can receive! So feel good first, and then what you want will finally come.