3 Law of Attraction Lessons That Will Make You Way Better at Manifesting

I remembered a few important manifesting lessons when I manifested some ice cream the other day. I hope that in sharing this (seemingly simple) story with you that you can fully grasp this awesome Law of Attraction lessons that will make you way better at manifesting!

But before I begin my story, I have to fill you in on a few essential background details and encourage you to download my free “Manifesting Cheat Sheet” (because it’s awesome and it WILL help you)!

First of all, you should know that my father is in LOOOVE with Chevy's (a Mexican restaurant). He's obsessed. Since all the Chevy's by us closed, every time we go to visit our family in Northern California we make it a point to go there (since my dad practically has withdrawals).

The other thing you should know is that my little sister absolutely HATES attention. The fewer eyes on her, the better. 

Now, onto my awesome manifesting story.

3 Law of Attraction Lessons That Will Make You Way Better at Manifesting

A Manifesting Success Story (About Ice Cream)

Our last trip to Nor Cal was no exception to the "We have to visit Chevy's while we're here!" rule. On the day of our arrival, we and the whole extended fam went out to Chevy's for dinner.

My favorite things to eat there are the fresh chips and salsa, flour tortillas, sizzling shrimp fajitas, Mexican rice, and the kid's ice cream. (Sooooo basically everything. #LOL)

As dinner was ending (Yes, I ate all that stuff I listed above. Don't judge me.) I was prepared to order my kids ice cream cone. I always do this at Chevy's because they are the perfect size and they come in this DELICIOUS, made in house, crunchy tortilla cone that is rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

Basically, it's the bomb. And you can't get it anywhere else. But APPARENTLY, now you can't even get it there either because I tried to order it only to have my dreams crushed by the waiter.

"Oh, I'm sorry. We don't do those anymore..."

My kiddy cone dreams had been crushed. The disappointment was real. (Que the mini violin!)

But before I could feel too sorry for myself, all the waiters started walking to our table, singing happy birthday, causing a real scene. Which was confusing, considering it wasn't anybody's birthday... "Or is it?" I thought.

Apparently, my uncle thought it would be funny to tell them that it was my little sisters birthday. Since, you know, she hates that shit.


Needless to say, it was embarrassing for her but pretty funny for the rest of us! Not only did they bless her with the (loud) gift of song, and a tacky sombrero (signature to Chevy's), but of course they gave her a free dessert.

And you know what that dessert was? Ice cream, with two tortilla cone like pieces, dipped in cinnamon and sugar. Yup, it was practically a kiddy cone in disguise!

And of course, after all the public ridiculing, my sister wanted nothing to do with it, so guess who got to eat it all. That's right. Me. #WINNING

Now, why am I telling you this story? Aside from the obvious fact that it's awesome because it's about me manifesting ice cream. I'm telling you this because it reminded me of a few important things about manifesting that we would all do well to remember.

1. Your manifestations don't always come in the way you think they will

I thought I was just gonna order my ice cream the good old fashioned way and have the waiter come back a few minutes later and deliver it to me. (Talk about boring and predictable.) But instead the Universe had a way more awesome plan to get me my ice cream faster and in a way that was more fun for (almost) everyone at the table. (Sorry sis!)

A perfect example of this is if you want to manifest more money. Instead of thinking it has to come to you in a specific way, like from your paycheck, be open to receiving it in any possible way. Maybe an old company you worked for gets sued and the court sends you a check in the mail. Or maybe a friend has already started a crowdsourcing campaign for your medical bills. Or maybe that ugly painting your grandma gave you is worth a lot more than you thought! The possibilities are endless. Don't limit the Universe by being picky about the delivery.


"Be open to receiving your manifestations in ways you may have never thought of." Tweet it!


2. Sometimes your manifestations don't always look the way you want them to

Sure my ice cream didn't come in the cute little kid cone, but who cares?! I ended up getting the same freaking thing, just presented in a different form. At the end of the day, I enjoyed it just as much, which just goes to show that we should never be too picky about what we want our manifestations to look like because we are really just wanting them to make us feel a certain way.

So when you want to manifest something, you're better off focusing on the feeling than the look of it all. This gives the Universe more creative freedom and allows you to relax a little. It's not your job to figure out all the details. All you need to know is how you want to feel.


"When manifesting, always focus on the feeling of the desired outcome, the look of it is not as important as you think." Tweet it!


3. Notice the small wins

Everything is a manifestation. And the more you can start to notice the correlation between your thoughts and what happens in your life, the more fun life becomes, AND the more faith you will have in your own creative abilities. It's the best way to build up some manifesting confidence. That way, when you go to manifest something on purpose, you can recall all the times you have manifested things in the past and then feel more confident in your ability to do so this time.

It doesn't matter if you notice when you manifest seemingly "good" or "bad" things. The important thing is that you notice your power in action. You create it all. Which means you are (mostly) in control. ;)


"Everything is a manifestation." Tweet it!


So there you have it folks: That one time I manifested ice cream without even trying. On that note, I'd love to hear what you've manifested lately in the comments below! And as always, if you liked this article there's more where that came from when you sign up for my super special email list by clicking the button below.

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