4 Soothing Affirmations to Get You Through Hardship

Whether it's heartbreak, mourning, stress, grief, fear, you-name-it, going through tough times is well... tough. It stings, it hurts, and it feels so terribly uncomfortable that it makes us want to crawl under a rock and stay there (forever).

But the mastery of life comes when we can be O.K. even in the moments of not being O.K. When we can see life for what it really is, a series of events that help perpetuate our soul's growth, things get easier.

I've personally been going through the wringer lately thanks to a breakup and along the way, I've discovered some really soothing affirmations that help with this tough time. These affirmations not only apply to breakups, but to any kind of heartbreak, sadness, or struggle.

These are four simple mindset shifts that can help us get through the muck with more grace and less suffering. Ultimately, we want to soothe ourselves as much as we can while we are going through this tough process of growth and expansion.

So, without further ado, here are some powerful affirmations to help you along that journey.

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4 Soothing Affirmations to Get You Through Hardship

1. I give myself permission to be uncomfortable.

Let's face it, emotional pain is freaking uncomfortable A.F.! Like so uncomfortable that we want to run and hide so we can avoid it all together. BUT obviously, running away from our feelings does not help us heal them, so we have to learn how to get comfortable in the uncomfortable. 

Giving yourself permission to sit and just be in a space of being uncomfortable is so... comforting! It's O.K. to feel bad. It's O.K. to cry. It's O.K. to be uncomfortable! That's how you know are honoring your emotions and giving them the time and attention that they need in order to fully heal so that one day they will no longer be affecting you.

2. Nothing lasts forever.

There is a quiet comfort that this powerful statement holds. Sure it could be a little sad if you take it only at its face value, but it's really meant to soothe. Sure nothing good lasts forever, but also nothing bad lasts forever! 

Meaning, these growing pains, the suffering and heartbreak that you are going through will eventually come to an end on their own. #thankthelord You're not gonna feel this way forever. Things will change... You will change...

There's comfort in this. So try to keep it in mind during the midst of it all. 

3. I'm still safe, no matter how I'm feeling.

This is a biggie and something that is helping me a lot right now post-breakup. Even when I'm feeling sad or heartbroken I just realize how safe I still am and then I feel comforted. Like literally when you are crying in your bed, you're safe. Nobody is out to get you. You're not gonna die from sadness. You're safe!

No matter what you are going through or how shitty it feels at the time, the truth is, you're safe and you're O.K. (even if you're not feeling O.K.). It's safe to feel bad sometimes. It's safe to feel your feelings. It's safe to bare your soul. It's safe to grow.

"I'm still safe." #useit

4. Life is always on my side.

As much as it may not seem like it when you're going through the trenches, life is on your side. And yes, as cliche as this sounds, everything happens for a reason (and that reason is always something that serves you)!

Even if you can't believe this statement while you're going through it just feel into the possibility of it being true. "What if this is really just happening for me and not to me? What if this is all happening to make space for something better? What if life is always on my side?" Feels pretty nice, doesn't it?


I hope these affirmations have found you at a time of need. I know things can get tough, but you'll make it out alive! You always do. Never forget that your success rate for surviving bad days is at an all-time high of 100%! 

If you have any personal thoughts or affirmations that you find helpful during the tough times please do share them in the comments! #wereallinthistogether

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