13 Abraham Hicks Quotes to Live By

Let these quotes serve as an invaluable guide to you. Write them on your bathroom mirror, frame one and keep it on your desk, or put a sticky note on the dash of your car. The more you see these and live by them, the sooner you'll see a change in your life for the better!

All the quotes I've listed out here are from my favorite Law of Attraction teacher, Abraham Hicks, whom I highly recommend you check out and read all their books! I've personally used and abused all the techniques I've ever learned from them and they work every time.

A few of my favorite books by them are Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires (which is perfect for beginner and pros alike) and The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships (which, as you can probably guess by the title, is all about relationships).

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Happy Manifesting!

P.S. There's a little bonus advice in quote number 13. #yourewelcome

13 Abraham Hicks Quotes to Live By


1. Look around less, imagine more.


2. We are all love looking for a place to happen.


3. There is a reality that hasn’t been realized yet.


4. Let the emotion be the prize, not the manifestation.


5. You ask with your desire and then you block (or allow)  with your belief.


6. All possibilities are available right now. How do you want to feel?


7. The freedom not of escaping something but moving towards something.


8. You are powerfully on your path. And you are just beginning the best part of your life.


9. When you believe something is hard, the Universe demonstrates the difficulty. When you believe something is easy, the Universe demonstrates the ease.


10. If you can begin to orient your thoughts by steadily looking for things that cause you to feel good, you will begin to develop patterns or thoughts, or beliefs, that will help you create magnificent, good feeling lives.


11. If all you did was just looked for things to appreciate, you would live a joyously spectacular life.


12. The rule of thumb is you never take action when there is negative emotion within you because it will always be counterproductive. Always talk to yourself until you feel better and then follow the inspired action that comes from that open valve.


13. It is our promise to you - If you write things you appreciate in others, in life and in yourself, you will have such a dramatic change in 30 days and if you continued for 6 months, the change will be so powerful, so strong, that others who know you will not recognize the old you.


What's your favorite quote from Abraham Hicks? Is it one of these or it something else? Let's hear about it in the comments!