28 "Non-Negotiables" to Adopt That Will Take Your Life to the Next Level

Even if you just adopt ONE of these non-negotiables, you will change your life!

"What is a non-negotiable and why do I need one?" you ask...

Well, a non-negotiable is a pretty self-explanatory word, but I want to clarify it just in case you've never heard the term in this context before. A non-negotiable is a thing that you do every single day, without negotiation.

In this case, it's something you're 100% committed to so you can feel good and be the best version of yourself. Nothing and nobody will get in the way of you doing this thing because this thing is a top priority of yours for the sake of vibin high (aka feeling amazing)! 

When you create a nonnegotiable you're literally affirming "I intend to do this beneficial thing no matter what because that's how important feeling good is to me."

And THAT my friends is an extremely powerful intention. Especially because these good habits end up having exponential effects on your life not just in the moments you do them, but over time as well.

I mean just think of how different you would feel, and your life would be, if you made 15 minutes of meditation every morning your new non-negotiable! Or if you stopped eating dairy altogether... Or if you spent time in nature every single day... The quality of your life would surely improve.

28 "Non-Negotiables" to Adopt That Will Take Your Life to the next Level

That's why I challenge you to adopt at least ONE non-negotiable from each of the categories below. Write down a list of all your new non-negotiables as they come to you and then stick to them... FOREVER!

And then, about a month from now, feel free to write me about how much better your life is now that you have such quality habits and priorities in place. #yourwelcome

Ideally, these non-negotiables will be things you do every day, but you could also make some things into weekly non-negotiables, like quality time with friends, going to yoga class, or getting in an episode or two your favorite funny show (Jane the Virgin, perhaps?).

(P.S. Shoutout to Nathaniel Solace, my friend and a badass Business/Life Coach, for inspiring this blog post! Thank you for having such high standards in life and for showin' us all how to do the same.)


Food is a huge thing when it comes to living a high vibe life. You literally become what you eat on a cellular level so it's important that you're putting quality stuff into your bod.

I know it sounds obvious, but are you actually doing it?! Probably not. That's why committing to healthy food guidelines (that you find the most beneficial for your body) is key.

Examples of food non-negotiables

  • Eating only organic produce.

  • Staying 100% dairy free.

  • Eating protein for breakfast every day.


We spend a whole third of our lives sleeping, which makes it a pretty dang important activity! Whether you're not getting enough sleep or you're not getting enough good quality sleep, the following examples would make great non-negotiables for you.

When you make sleep a priority, not only do your nights get better, but your days do too! So what are you waiting for?! It's time to up-level your sleeping game with a new non-negotiable.

Examples of sleep non-negotiables

  • Getting no less than 8 hours of sleep every single night.

  • Turning off ALL electronics one hour before bedtime (even your wifi).

  • Investing in a high-quality mattress.


If you're not moving your body, you're doing yourself a huge disservice, HUGE. (I really hope you read the word "huge" in an annoying Donald Trump voice. #LOL) Your body needs movement, and so does your soul. You already know this.

20 minutes a day is what the doctors recommend, but I say the more the merrier! (As in, the merrier you're gonna feel.) So get up and shake your booty! Or at least do whatever you gotta do to move around. 

Examples of exercise non-negotiables

  • Going for a 20-minute walk every single day.

  • Doing X amount of push-ups or sit-ups every morning.

  • Always taking the stairs instead of elevators. (One of my personal faves. #workthatbooty)


Deep breathing changes lives! The more you breathe the more your life will flow. Literally. Scientists have found positive correlations between the quality and depth of your breathing and how easy your life is.

So if you want things to flow, your breath needs to start flowing first. So try one of these non-negotiables and see how ya feel.

Examples of breathing non-negotiables

  • Doing a deep breathing exercise on your way to and from work.

  • Setting hourly reminders on your phone throughout the day to take three deep breaths.

  • Breathing in fresh air from the good old outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day.


If you're a nonstop, go-getting, "type A" kind of person (like myself) this could very well be your next life-changing non-negotiable! It's time to gift yourself the gift of pausing... to slow down, recoup, and come back to your center.

YOU GOTTA TAKE BREAKS PEOPLE. If you don't, your life and/or body will force you to slow down in whatever way it deems necessary. Don't be that person who gets sick because you never slow down. Set some non-negotiable breaks instead!

Examples of break time non-negotiables

  • Take 10 minutes out of your lunch break to get a little walk in.

  • Take that midday nap your body is dying for you to give in to.

  • For every 30 minutes of working you do, rest for 5.


We all know how beneficial meditation is for us and yet, we still have the nerve to skimp out on our practice! #WTF

We need to put this nonsense behind us and get on this high vibe bandwagon once and for all. Time to take your mindfulness practice to the next level by making it a non-negotiable. (And if you don't even know how to begin meditating... start here.)

 Examples of meditation/mindfulness non-negotiables

  • 15 minutes of meditation first thing, every single morning.

  • 5 minutes of meditation after every meal.

  • 20 minutes of meditation every morning and night. (The Transcendental Meditation way.)


Did you know that nature is literally medicine? And I'm not just talking about when you ingest it in a tea or pill. I'm talking about straight up spending time in nature.

When you spend time in nature you literally start attuning to the high frequency of it! Meaning you heal, become whole, start vibrating higher, and felling better. Talk about a vibration raising hack, you don't even have to do anything except be there!

Examples of nature non-negotiables

  • A daily visit to the park by your house.

  • Keeping lots of plants in the house. (For all you city dwellers...)

  • Going camping at least 3 times a year.


Here are just five (of what I'm sure are many) science-backed reasons why you need more laughter in your life.

1. Laughter releases tons of endorphins (the hormones that make you feel good).

2. It helps form and solidify social bonds.

3. It fosters brain connectivity.

4. It has the same effect on your body as antidepressants (without all the nasty side effects).

5. It even has an anti-inflammatory effect on your heart!

And here are some practical ways you can start doing it more.

Examples of laughter non-negotiables

  • Spending time with or calling your friends who make you laugh.

  • Doing that one thing that makes you feel like you're having so much fun that you totally lose track of time at least once a week.

  • Watching an episode of your favorite comedy at least once a week.


And for a little more inspiration, here are a few of my personal favorite non-negotiables that I live by to help give you a few more ideas.

  • Some form of body movement every single day (usually yoga, dancing, pilates, walking or hitting the gym).

  • Filling my mind with a little bit of inspiration every day (usually from a podcast or book).

  • At least 10 minutes of meditation every single day. (I usually shoot for 20 minutes, sometimes even multiple times throughout the day, but as long as I at least do 10, I'm feeling solid.)

  • Filling up at least one page of my gratitude journal every day.


So now, I challenge you... Which of these non-negotiables are you going to start incorporating into your life today? Weather you start by adopting just one or you want to do them all, I wanna hear your commitments in the comments! And if you already have some non-negotiables that are not on the list please do share!