What's in My Anxiety Toolkit: The Best Crystals, Teas, and More...

When anxiety strikes, it can be hard to soothe yourself. And if you’re anything like me, and struggle with anxiety on a pretty regular basis, it’s extremely important to have tools that will help soothe you when you’re in the middle of an anxious episode.

Are there things you should be doing every day to try and reduce your chances of becoming anxious in the first place? Of course!

A regular meditation practice, daily exercise, and a healthful diet are all great habits to help keep the anxiety at bay.

But life can be hard, and sometimes you just need a little extra help. So today, I’m sharing my personal anxiety toolbox of things any anxious person should always keep around the house.

P.S. A lot of our anxiety can stem from us not being loving towards ourselves. If you want to cultivate more self-love, start by downloading this awesome free printable I created for you, “21 Self-love Journal Prompts”!

(Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links throughout this post. When you purchase through them I get some extra green juice money (not enough for a pony), at no extra cost to you. Rest assured that I only recommend products and tools that I use and love, and think you will benefit from too.)

What's in My Anxiety Toolkit: The Best Crystals, Teas, and More...

Angel Cards for anxiety

In times of stress and uncertainty, it’s always nice to get a little reassurance from your spirit team that everything’s gonna work out just fine (like it always does). Angel cards a fun way to gather messages and insights from your angels that will help soothe your anxiety in no time.

You can keep your own cards around the house and pull some whenever you feel like it or you can simply enlist the help of a card reader (like me) and have a private reading done.

I personally like this deck of angel cards by Doreen Virtue because they have little naked babies and old lady doilies, but that’s just me.

Essential Oils for anxiety

Certain scents can be extremely helpful in aiding to soothe your anxiety. Lavender is one of the most popular, but I personally prefer Bergamot or Frankincense. All of them are great for calming your nervous system so you can de-stress and get grounded.

You can diffuse them in your home with an aromatherapy diffuser or simply put a few drops on your wrists, rub them together, and sniff the anxiety away!

Crystals for anxiety

If you find me laying on the floor rubbing crystals on my head, there’s a good chance I’m alleviating a tension headache caused by anxiety. Why do I go to such strange lengths to feel better? Because it helps!

In my experience, the best crystals for helping soothe anxiety are Clear Quartz (the master healer), Amethyst (promotes physical relaxation), and Black Obsidian (helps draw out mental stress and tension).

Wear them on a necklace, put them in your pocket, or hold them in your palms, sleep with them under your pillow (or under your bed if they are too big), meditate with them, or, be like me, and place them on the part of your body where you’re feeling the most anxious.

Affirmations for Anxiety

Much of the daily anxiety that we face is due to the way that we think about things. If you’re always thinking thoughts that make you feel worried, then of course you’re going to be in a constant state of anxiety and panic.

But if you can learn to choose your thoughts wisely and change the ones you already have going into more empowering ones, then you will start to feel better, one thought at a time. :)

This is exactly what I teach readers how to do in my book #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness. It’s the ultimate affirmation guidebook that teaches how to soothe yourself into feeling better using the power of self-talk and affirmations!

So if you’re feeling anxious about your finances, you’ll learn some affirmations to help with that. If you’re anxious about your relationships you’ll find some affirmations to help with that! There are lists on lists of affirmations to help you improve how you think about every major area of your life. (And yes, it is available for order on Amazon!)

Tea for anxiety

Now, let’s talk about what we can actually ingest to help calm ourselves quick during times of anxiety. Here’s where the teas come in! Some of best teas for soothing anxiety are all the popular ones you’ve already heard of. (Clearly, they are popular for a reason.)

Chamomile tea is great for it’s calming properties and acts as a very mild sedative. Peppermint tea is great especially if your body gets all hot and bothered from stress, thanks to the lovely cooling effect. Kava tea is a pretty potent one, so you have to be careful not to have too much on your first try, but it’s been proven pretty effective for relieving anxiety and promoting sleepiness.

Chill Pills for anxiety

I’m not much of an advocate for popping pills to solve your life issues, BUT sometimes you just need some good old homeopathic relief. The best medicine I’ve found is called Simplex and it can be ordered on Amazon.

It’s a natural remedy for stress, worry, and sleeplessness which makes it a great tool to enlist before bedtime. You can either dissolve the tablets in your mouth or chew them. #thatwaseasy

I sincerely hope these tips help you for the rest of your life, I sure know they have helped me!

If you’ve got some great tools that help when anxiety strikes, I’d love to hear them below in the comments! The more equipped we all are, the better, so don’t be shy. :)

Also, keep in mind that sometimes our anxieties and fears just want a moment to be heard. So every once in a while you might wanna just go ALL THE WAY there and let yourself feel all the icky feels for like 10 minutes so you can get it out of your system.

After all, your anxiety is only trying to protect you from what it thinks could happen in the future. Which is very kind and thoughtful of it, don’t you think? So instead of shaming the anxious parts of ourselves, let’s validate them and thank them every once in a while.

REady to override your anxiety with a steady flow of self-love? Download the free “21 self-love journal prompts” printable!