14 of the Best Spiritual Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

If your feed isn’t inspiring you on the daily, then why even bother? We spend SO much time on social media these days that it’s imperative that we consciously choose what we invite into our precious psyche. 

Just like what you eat is considered your physical “diet”, you also practice a spiritual diet that consists of any ideas, thoughts, or beliefs, you allow into your mind and spirit.

Do you want to consume junk (A.K.A. follow your constantly complainy coworkers, family members, and friends)?

Or do you want to surround yourself with the resources and inspiration to live your best life?! 

That’s what I thought. It’s time to upgrade your feed so you can upgrade your life people!

Here are some of my favorite spiritual and inspirational accounts to follow on Instagram.

Of course, you’ve always got the classic, more mainstream, self-empowerment authors like @gabbybernstein, @daniellelaporte, and @mikedooleytut. But are you following these accounts yet? 

14 of the Best Spiritual Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


Phil Good is a beautiful soul who seems to have come here from another (awesome) planet to help teach us how to navigate this crazy lifetime in the easiest way possible. He’s always hopping on his Insta and Youtube to give us channeled messages from his spirit team that always resonate deep! 


Heather is another channel who offers us many messages and reminders about our multi-dimensional experience, personal ascension, higher realm integrations, and all that jazz. No big deal. 


Celena is a woke AF plant medicine guide who teaches us about plant medicine, emotional empowerment, and self-integration. If you’re looking for how to upgrade your physical body with the help of holistic nutrition, she’s your girl.


Deena is a women’s empowerment coach that you may recognize from my online program, Manifesting Masterclass. She’ll help you awaken your female self-mastery (sorry boys) so you can lead the life you truly desire. Plus she’s always posting the BEST insta stories that you’ll want to watch on the daily.


Nathaniel is another badass advisor and alchemist who will inspire you to live, lead, and love with mastery! He’s funny, really smart, and presents all his teachings in the most no B.S., down-to-earth way. Plus he gives you daily reminders to pause and BREATHE, which I always really need and appreciate.


If you’re into psychic forecasts, card readings, and more, Carrie is your girl! I hop on Insta every day to see what she has to say about how the energies of the day are going to flow according to what’s going on with the planets and such. She keeps things light and always presents her messages in the most loving, gentle and supportive way.


Into daily horoscopes and pictures of inspirational quotes? Perfect! Then @1.spititual is the account for you. A healthy dose of good quotes is always beneficial for the soul.


Kelsey is a love and relationship educator who will help you find alignment and love better! (Amen to that!) She’s always posting super helpful videos with nuggets of how to love yourself better so you can be a better lover in general. Highly recommend.


If you’re looking for a good spiritual laugh, then look no further than @psychicgems. They are always posting the FUNNIEST spiritual memes. I cannot get enough.


If you resonate with my teachings about life you’ll probably also really love Aaron’s. He’s a huge Youtuber who will help you expand your consciousness and bridge the gap between metaphysics, spirituality, and personal development. He’s always posting insightful videos and powerful truths.


Teal Swan is another spiritual teacher who is big on Youtube, but her Instagram is just as good. She’s always posting thoughtful quotes that are directly from her teachings about life, funny spiritual jokes, and excerpts from her enlightening Youtube videos


Brenden helps you shift into deeper peace with love and laughter. How can you not love that?! His inspirational quotes keep coming and let’s not forget about the hilarious spiritual memes that we all need and love.


Alexandra has not labeled herself a teacher or a coach, but is an amazing poet (and teacher) who posts beautiful photos with captions to help you contemplate the important things in life. Not to mention her account is very easy on the eyes and helpful for the heart.


Rapi Kaur is another beautiful poet who puts healing words straight into your soul. I don’t know how it took me so long to discover this gem, but I’m glad I did. Just follow her and thank me later.

There ya have it! My top 14 spiritual instagram accounts of the moment. And don’t forget to connect with me @kelseyaida while you’re at it! I’m always posting inspirational content to help you start owning your power and winning at life.

I’d also love to hear who some of your favorite inspirational peeps on instagram are in the comments below!

Happy scrolling.

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