The Ultimate Morning Ritual for a Super High-Vibe Day

My last article was a step by step bedtime ritual to help you sleep like a baby, but you didn't think I was just gonna leave you hanging on how to best spend your morning did you?

Sleep is the bomb and all, but in your waking hours is when you do most of your living. And the morning is the absolute best time to start creating magic setting intentions for how you want to show up in the world.

Because the truth of the matter is... Decades turn into years. Years turn into months. Months turn into weeks, and weeks turn into days. Which means life is really just a series of days. And how good you make those days is how well you'll live your life.

So today, I present to you the ultimate morning ritual for a super high-vibe day!


The Ultimate Morning Ritual for a High Vibe Day

Step 1: Give Thanks

(5 minutes)

The absolute, number one, BEST way to start your day (that I've discovered after much trial and error) is to gratitude journal first thing. This means you literally open your eyes, roll over, grab a journal, and start writing down at least three things you are thankful for.

This should happen BEFORE you even think about touching your phone, going to the bathroom, getting out of bed, etc. You want it to be the very first thing you do because that way, every single morning, you are entering your waking state brainstorming things to be thankful for, which will naturally raise your vibration before you have the chance to let something else effect/sabotage it.

This has personally been such a valuable technique in my life that I've written a whole article on it (How to Start a Gratitude Journal) AND I make all my Manifesting Masterclass students do it every single day!

Step 2: Prepare your body

(5 minutes)

Now that you've got your brain in the right mode, the second step is for you to charge up your body.

You can think of this as a sort of biological hack. When you elevate your physical state of wellbeing it will naturally lift your spirits and raise your vibration. This simple habit can't not make you feel more powerful and energized throughout the day!

And the best part is, every time you do this, you're basically affirming, "Universe, I am ready to take on the day!"

So when you sit up in bed, raise your arms overhead and stretch it out. (Sort of like a sitting version of Mountain Pose in Yoga.) This will help get the blood flowing.

Then, make your way out of bed and do a few gentle, but energizing stretches to help reawaken your body, mind, and spirit. (Just don't go too crazy cause you don't want to pull a hammy first thing in the morning! That's not exactly a great way to start any day.)


Step 3: Affirmations

(5 minutes)

Speaking of affirmations, that's exactly the next thing you'll want to dedicate a few minutes to!

A good practice to have is to write out an affirmation or two on a sticky note and then place it on your bathroom mirror. (This is a tip from my book #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness.) That way when you go to brush your teeth you can revisit the affirmation every day.

If you're not sure what you should be affirming here are a few of my favorite affirmations from my book for you to try!

"I am unfuckwithable!"

"Unlimited potential is within me."

"I choose to love unconditionally."

"I am deserving and thankful for all the abundance that comes my way!"

"I love my life like a little kid loves chocolate."

"It's time to expect miracles!"

Affirmations are a very personal thing, so if you can't find ones you like anywhere it's also fun to make up your own badass affirmations that have to do with your personal focuses and goals.

Step 4: Inspire Yo self

(10-20 minutes)

This is the part of your morning where you get all charged up with good vibes from whatever source of inspiration it is that calls to you. This could be your time to read a passage from an inspirational book, watch a new Abraham Hicks Youtube video, listen to the Addicted 2 Success Podcast...

Whatever gets you pumped, that's what you wanna dedicate some time to here.

Step 5: Meditate

(5-20 minutes)

Last, but certainly not least (In fact, this might be the most important morning habit to cultivate.) it's time to meditate! 

Personally, since I find my mind to be the sharpest and most focused in the morning, I like to meditate the good old fashioned way. That means it's just me, a chair, and my breath. No fancy guided meditations or meditation music here. (I usually save all that jazz for nighttime meditating.) Just some classic deep breathing does the trick for me.

Now, you could actually do this earlier on in the morning too, depending on your preference. It would work well as step number two, after you've journaled. (As long as you think you can stay awake first thing in the morning, that is. ;))

Or it can also work well here, as the last step of your routine because it acts as the final step of preparation for going into your day.

Step 6: Act Kind

(5 minutes)

This is not a mandatory mourning ritual step, but it sure is powerful. In this step you're going to do a small act of kindness for someone else.

When you give in this way, you charge yourself up with loving energy and help to makes someone else feel better too! So, naturally, it's a win, win.

Here are some ideas of ways to can be kind to people in the morning. (Because let's be honest, it can be hard to be nice if you're not a morning person!)

  • Send someone special a text that wishes them a good morning and thanks them for being in your life.

  • Send a friend a little love letter via snail mail.

  • Tag someone in a funny instagram meme to make them laugh.

  • Send someone a special an inspiration quote they might need.

  • Offer to help or visit someone who might need it today.

Step 7: Self-Love

(5 Minutes)

Self-lovin’ is important, so you might as well just incorporate it as a part of your daily routine.

Loving yourself first thing in the day is a really empowering way to get things going in the right direction.

One of my favorite practice ways to do this is to journal about it. You can write a list of things you love, admire, or appreciate about yourself… You can contemplate what makes you feel the most loved and then make sure to include more of that in your schedule…

Or you can just download this free list of 21 Self-Love Journal Prompts I’ve created for you and go through that. :)

This entire high vibe morning experience should take you an hour (max) if you follow the general time guidelines I've laid out for you. This will give you plenty of time every day for the vibe maintenance that you need. (And deserve!)

If you can't dedicate that much time to your morning ritual every day, don't feel bad! Even a little bit of time well-spent is still better than none.

I'd love to hear how this goes for you so try it out and then come back and leave your experience in the comments! If you already have a high vibe morning ritual of your own I would also love to hear about that as well.

Happy vibin'!



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