4 of the Most Detrimental Law of Attraction Misconceptions

Are you a law of attraction skeptic?

If you answered "yes", "maybe", or "sorta", this one's for you.

4 of the Most Detrimental Law of Attraction Misconceptions

If you're not too familiar with the law of attraction here's how I like to explain it to first timers. Simply put, the law of attraction is a metaphysical law of the universe that states that like energy attracts like energy. Because everything has an energetic vibration (including people, thoughts, experiences, etc...), it basically implies that your thoughts create your reality.

Not surprisingly, to many people this sounds crazy. Which is understandable, because how could such a potentially valuable and life changing piece of information go untaught all these years.

"Surely, if this were true, somebody would have told me about it by now!" Right?

Unfortunately, most people don't know about the law of attraction. (Hence, why the most popular movie about it is called "The Secret".) It's not like most people's parents just sit them down and explain to them that they are the creators of their own reality, because even parents aren't in the know!

But that's why you have teachers like Esther and Jerry Hicks, Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Mike DooleyNeale Donald WalschDr. Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Preston Smiles, and of course, me! Were here to shed some light on the topic and show people how to live an easier life with this invaluable knowledge of how life works.

With all that being said, here are the biggest misconceptions I've encountered while teaching the law of attraction that I'd like to debunk for you. So that way, if you're new to the whole law of attraction concept you can be open to learning about it and ultimately change your life. #yourewelcome

1. The law of attraction is "magic"

I think the biggest misconception about the Law of Attraction is that it's some sort of "woo woo" magical wizardry. (Or as my dad so eloquently puts it, "total crap".) Of course, when you're able to use it to your advantage (meaning your thoughts do create your reality) it sure does feel like magic, but it's actually science.

The law of attraction is a metaphysical law. It can all be fully explained by physics. It can get very detailed and complicated, but all you really need to understand to get it to actually work for you is that like energy attracts like energy.

Although it is a scientific way to explain how life works, it's also a valid spiritual concept and is often explained as such. For example, a lot of teachers explain it like this. When you ask for something (with your thoughts) you always receive it (from a higher power). 

To me, science is just a way for humans to explain spiritual things so I accept and teach both models. But really. Regardless of if you're more spiritual, or scientific, who even cares how it works as long as it does! And trust me, it does.

2. The law of attraction is "scary"

The thought of your thoughts having so much power in your life can be scary when you're new to the law of attraction. What if you think about something horrific and you manifest it by accident?!

Spoiler alert: you won't. 

There's no reason to fear the law of attraction because it's not enough to just have the thought in order for it to manifest, you also have to be a vibrational match to it and practice it enough in order for it to show up in your life. PLUS, (luckily) there's a time gap between when you think something and when it actually shows up in your life. So, if you think about something you don't want to happen, you have time to essentially "fix" your thoughts by thinking about what you want to manifest instead.

3. The law of attraction "doesn't work"

This one is my personal favorite. People are always complaining about how the law of attraction "doesn't work". These are just people who are butt hurt that it has never worked for them. (If this sounds familiar, you need to read my article Why the Law of Attraction Works for Some People but Not You.) They learned about, tried it, didn't see results, and gave up. Which is funny because the law of attraction is what's proving their belief, that the law of attraction doesn't work, true. (Oh, the irony.)

The fact of the matter is, the law of attraction has always been and will always be at play. It's like gravity. You can't see it directly, but you can't deny it's obvious effects when you know what it is and understand how it works. Whether or not you can use it to your advantage or not is another story.

4. The law of attraction is "too good to be true"

It's easy to see how some people could think the law of attraction is too good to be true.

"So... you're telling me that I can just think about what I want and it will become my reality? Then how come I'm still broke when I think about money all day long?"

Yeah, I am telling you that you can think your way to a better life. And the reason you're still broke is because you think about your absence of money all day long and therefore attract more absence of it.

The law of attraction is not too good to be true because it can (and does) work in both directions. Yes, you can use it to create the most beautiful and abundant life for yourself, but if you're unaware of it, it can take. you. down.

It doesn't discriminate between what you want and what you don't want. Whatever you focus on is what expands. If you're a negative Nancy the Universe will seem unkind and your bad attitude will surely reflect in the circumstances of your life, and vise versa.

The law of attraction is very fair in this way. It can work in your favor, but it can also make your life pretty hard until you realize what's actually going on and do something to change it.

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Now, I'd like to ask you; What are your limiting beliefs about the law of attraction? What makes you skeptical about it? Feel free to leave a (kind) comment below!

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