How to Speak Your Dreams Into Existence (With the Law of Attraction)

In the words of the wonderful J.K. Rowling, "Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic we can have."

What we speak has power. So today, I'd like to give you a few pointers on how to use this power to your advantage and speak your dreams into existence. (Sounds pretty badass, huh?)

Speaking things into existence, of course, is not really magic (even though it totally feels like it), it's just another way to work with the law of attraction. Similar to journaling, creative visualization, or any other technique for focusing things into being.

So how do we do it? Easy. We just speak about the things we want to happen enough and in time, they happen!

When we focus our attention on something for long enough, it always manifests in some form or another. 

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How to Speak Your Dreams Into Existence (Using the Law of Attraction)

Here's a few pointers from the "Manifesting Queen". (That's what they call me!)

Speak with Optimism

Do speak with hopefulness, enthusiasm, and knowing.

When speaking about your dreams and desires it's important to talk about them with passion and trust. Trust that the Universe is listening and will deliver, like it always does.

(This gets easier with practice because once you've seen it happen for you a couple of times, you'll have more confidence in the creation process.)

Just like when you use affirmations (this really isn't much different) you have to believe in what you are saying. Like Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say "You gotta believe it to see it!"

(Shhh...) Don't Tell the Party Poopers

We all have those (oh so proud) "realists" in our lives who like to poop all over our brilliant hopes, ideas, and wishes. Do NOT share your dreams with these people.

They will discourage you with their judgment and make you wish you had never said anything. Plus anyone who's willing to poop on your dreams isn't worthy of hearing them.

Instead, speak things into existence with the people you know will react positively. The ones who will support your vision and cheer you on. You know who you can trust. Tell those people.

Watch your wording

Getting good at speaking your dreams into existence requires some practice and discipline, because more often than not, most of us are complaining about what we don't want instead of praising what we do want!

Every time you're tempted to complain or vent about something turn the whining sentence into one of gratitude. Like this, "I hate it when my husband doesn't listen," becomes "I love it when my husband listens." Or "Being late to meetings gives me anxiety," becomes "I love being early to meetings. It calms me." You get the idea.

If it's absolutely impossible to turn your complaint into something worth talking about, just move on to something else.

For example, if you hate tomatoes with all your heart and you're about to complain about how much you hate them cause the stupid restaurant put tomatoes on your sandwich (even though you specifically told them not to), then instead of smiling through it and talking about how much you "looooove" tomatoes, you can just not.

Talk about something else. Something that makes you feel good to talk about. (Feeling good is always the key to manifesting.) What good is complaining when you can easily just remove the tomatoes and get on your life?

A success Story

In beauty school, my teacher used to tell us the story (more like tactic) of how she became the busiest stylist at the first salon she ever worked at. Before each client left she would say, "Let's book your next appointment now because my books get filled up really far in advance."

Of course, since she was brand new at doing hair, this wasn't actually the case (yet), but soon enough her books were getting filled super far in advance because she had been saying that! And not only was that statement working for her to manifest that as her reality, but it made her clients take action to make the statement true! So it was a double whammy! It's the perfect example of something you can say to make "it" happen.

Throw it out there

When you share your hopes and dreams with the right people, not only is the Universe listening and working to make it happen for you, you'd be surprised at how many people you tell will want to help you too! People love helping you and even if they can't directly they probably know somebody who can.

At my salon, clients ask me about my life and I end up talking about my boyfriend a lot. When he comes up in conversation, they always want to know what he does so I tell them, "He's studying industrial design and specializing in footwear. He wants to design shoes for Nike."

It is seriously ridiculous how many people respond with, "Oh, I have a friend who is one of the head designers at Nike! If he (your boyfriend) wants, I can share his (the Nike guy's) number with him," or "How cool, my nephew just studied the same thing and Such-and-such University and LOVES it." I cannot make this shit up people. 

Just throw it out there. See what happens. Worst case scenario, nothing (immediate) will come of it. Best case scenario, you get help, someone knows someone, you land your big break... Whatever it is, it's only possible when you vocalize.