I wrote a book! #ActuallyICan

Today's the big day! My new book #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness is here! I'm so happy that I wanted to make this week's blog post about how it all happened and why I'm so excited.

#ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness Cover

How #ActuallyICan was born...

I'd been wanting to write a book for a while, but for whatever reason I just hadn't started. I fell into the trap of feeling like the timing wasn't just right yet. (Is it ever?)

Then one day at work, one of my favorite clients whom I had already told about my big plans asked me, "So how's the ebook business going?"

Like I do with everything, I took this conversation as a sign form the Universe. A big, fat, sign with flashing red lights that read, "What the heck are you waiting for Miss Kelsey Aida, take some inspired action and start a book already!" So that's what I did. #inspiredactionforthewin

That night, I looked at my ideas of books I'd been wanting to write and chose the one I felt most inspired by in that moment. (Behind the Scenes Blurp: This is the same process I use for choosing blog post topics.) I knew that with the Universe on my side that now was the time to act. I started writing.

Fast forward about 10 weeks though all the writing, editing, formatting, printing, and planning and here we are today! My first ever book is a reality. Dreams really do come true. #thanksphilip

Why I wrote about affirmations

As somebody who's worked their way out of three years of chronic depression, I've learned, tried, and tested a lot of different tools for improving my quality of life. There are many that I still use and love, but I've always found affirmations to be one of my favorites.

Why? Because they are simple, light, fun, effective, and extremely empowering.

It's truly amazing how one simple affirmation can completely change your life. (Behind the Scenes Blurp: In the book, I write a story about the affirmation that nearly saved my life, "I am not my depression.")

What's in the book

Watch this video for a short two minute description. :)

#ActuallyICan is basically a modern day affirmation bible.

(Behind the Scenes Blurp: I almost named it The Big Black Book of Affirmations but then I realized that name was sorta depressing and lame. In the book, I explain how I came up with #ActuallyICan...

It's separated into two parts. Part one contains everything you could ever possibly need or want to know about positive affirmations and how to make them actually work for you. Part two has hundreds of badass affirmations specifically designed to improve all areas of your life (like finances, health, confidence, romance, etc..).

The thing that makes this book different from other positive affirmation books is that it's a more realistic approach to feeling better. Instead of telling you to just act happy even when you're not, it teaches you how to use affirmations in accordance with your emotions so that instead of having to fake it till you make it you can feel it till you make it.

Meaning, it makes affirmations accessible to you in (almost) all moods. Instead of only being able to use affirmations when you're super happy, you can use them to bring you to the next best mood within reach from wherever you are emotionally. 

For example, if you feel poor and you try to affirm, "I am rich beyond belief," you're probably just gonna feel stupid because, in your mind, that's obviously not true (yet). But instead you could say affirmations like "I am ready to start living an abundant life by first practicing an abundant mindset," or "I let go of my desperate need for money and instead give thanks for all the things I do have that money can't buy." Feel the difference?

That's the difference between a successful affirmation that actually helps you change your life and one that makes you feel worse than you did before and only blocks your manifesting abilities.

Some of my favorite quotes and Affirmations from #ActuallyICan


"Dear stress, I'm divorcing you. #sorrynotsorry"

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"When you feel good you will... attract more good-feeling things into your life. It's the law (of attraction)."

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"Life happens for me, not to me."

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"Same thoughts = same life. Change your thoughts, change your life."

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"Love is the only thing that is real."

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Where you can get your copy

#ActuallyICan is currently available as a downloadable pdf ebook or a printed softcover book. If you just can't wait and want the ebook version, click here. If you want a printed copy so you can have my face on your coffee table, buy through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I hope you like it. :)