17 Songs You Need to Add to Your Meditation Practice

We've all experienced the beauty of getting lost in a song. But what if we did it on purpose... as a form of meditation?

Music is such a great tool for meditation because it can suck you into the present moment without you having to try so hard to focus on something in particular. You can literally just pop in some headphones and before you know it, you’re practically in a trance!

While a lot of people don't recommend meditating with music, mindfully listening to and enjoying music is a form of meditation in and of itself! A lot of times it can get you into a deeper meditative state more quickly and easily than if you tried to do it on your own.

Since music is literally vibration and vibration is energy, it’s easy to change your vibrational state with the right song. How often has a certain song energized you when you were tired? Or made you cry when you were fine? Music can gift us powerful surges of energy, whether it be healing, relaxing, or just all consuming. Either way, it get’s you in the present moment and that’s what mindfulness is all about.

Hence, I’ve created this awesome list of 17 songs you need to add to your meditation practice ASAP!

17 Songs You Need to Add to Your Mediation Practice

About the Music

None of these are your typical “meditation songs” per-say. Meaning, you won’t find them on a meditation album and they don’t have any Sanskrit chanting or singing bowls. These are just extraordinary musical songs that just so happen to be amazing for meditating to!

I've labeled each song with a core feeling that it will most likely give you when you listen to it. Every song will resonate differently with every person, but my hope is that you can find at least 1 or 2 songs that really, really take you to that super relaxed, carefree, totally consumed by the present moment state.

These songs are presented in no particular order and all can be found on Spotify. 

How to Meditate with Music

All you have to do to get the full effect of this mindfulness practice is get lost in each song. There are no fancy instructions, no crazy breathing techniques... Just go to a quiet place where you won't be undisturbed, put in some headphones, sit or lay down, and get lost in the song.

Let it move you. Let it take you somewhere new. Connect with the music. Become consumed by the music. Notice how it changes the way your body feels. Notice how it affects your breathing. And when thoughts come up or you get distracted, just come back to the music. Simple!

The List

1. Kids Two

By Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Listen to this when you want to feel... calm.

This song is from my favorite TV show at the moment, Stranger Things, which actually has lots of good meditative music! It's very magical and makes you feel like you're floating around outer space or maybe falling down a deep rabbit hole. It has a nice slow tempo so it's great for breathing deeply and calming the nervous system.


2. Layers Expanding Time

By Dustin O’Halloran, Hauschka

Listen to this when you want to feel... healed.

This song is from the film Lion (which I recommend everyone see). It has a deep relaxing sound to it that also makes you feel like you’re floating, but this time in a nice warm pool of water. (Ahhh...) This song actually feels less like music and more like straight healing vibrations! So if you've got any injuries or bodily problems going on, listen to this one.


3. Outside the Realm

By Big Giant Circles

Listen to this when you want to feel... energized.

This is probably one of my favorite songs to meditate to right now. It sounds like magical sirens putting you into a trance with their beautiful humming. I imagine it’s something you would hear in Pandora, the land of the Avatar, at nighttime... when everything is glowing.


4. In Everything Was Given

By Helios

Listen to this when you want to feel... inspired.

This song is lightweight and peaceful with some pretty piano elements. When you listen to it you feel like you’re watching the most powerful sunrise you’ve ever seen, as appropriately depicted by the album cover artwork.


5. Paths

By Sea Oleena

Listen to this when you want to feel... sleepy.

This song is a little bit... haunting. It kinda sounds like sirens calling you into temptation... which is actually awesome! It's very rhythmic and repetitive so it’s easy to slip into a deep meditative state or even fall asleep to.


6. The Starts in Spring

By Epic45

Listen to this song when you want to feel... hopeful.

This is a very energizing and enlightening piece of music. It feels like hope and adventure! I always imagine being in a car, driving alongside the most beautiful greenery (in slow motion of course) and just soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the splendor of life as the wind blows through my hair.


7. Takk…

By Sigur Rós

Listen to this song when you want to feel... filled with light.

This song is short and sweet, but very magical. The sound of it reminds me of shiny bright light, which is why I think it's perfect for any type of visualization where you want to fill yourself with or emit rays of light!


8. Remi-2 (Remix)

By Kyson

Listen to this song when you want to feel... nice.

The best way I can describe this song is to tell you that it just feels nice. It's a collection of beautiful instrumental sounds that lasts quite a while, so you have lots of time to get lost in it.


9. Moonlight

By Message to Bears

Listen to this when you want to feel... connected to nature.

This song has a very grounding beat, yet uplifting sound with light singing and twinkly noises. I imagine it would be best to enjoy this song while laying in a hammock on the wooden front deck of a tiny house (in the middle of a prairie of course) under a bright moonlit sky.


10. Dream 13 (minus even)

By Max Richter

Listen to this when you want to feel... sleepy.

Created by one of my favorite composers, this song is appropriated titled "Dream" because it makes you feel like you're dreaming in a pleasant slumber. I used to play this song for my yoga students during the final pose and it defiantly put some people to sleep!


11. Wake Me

By Message To Bears

Listen to this song when you want to... refreshed.

You just can’t go wrong with some beautiful acoustic guitar, a flowing stream and some magical bird chirping. This song is perfect to wake up to every morning!


12. Toad Lick

By East Forest

Listen to this song when you want to feel... relaxed.

This song is very lighthearted and twinkly. It also sounds like something you would hear while taking a walk through Pandora, Avatar land. I find it perfect for a midday relaxation session when you just need to take a little break.


13. Aurora

By Abby Gundersen

Listen to this song when you want to feel... sad and then soothed.

The first half of the song is a little dark and heavy, but sooo gorgeous. The second half feels more uplifting. So if you ever feel the need to cry, this would probably be a good one to get it all out to.


14. Water Sign

By East Forest

Listen to this song when you want to feel... bright and cleansed.

If you love rainy days by the fire or a trip to the beach on a gloomy day, you’ll love this relaxing song. When I listen to it I like to picture my body being purified by water. You gotta try it!


15. Falling, Catching

By Agnes Obel

Listen to this song when you want to feel... angelic.

This song is a composition of beautiful soft piano and a lighthearted melody. It will definitely make you feel very light and angelic.


16. Sleeping Lotus

By Joep Beving

Listen to this song when you want to feel... curious.

Soft piano in this song lulls you to another place. Kinda makes me feel like a detective for some reason... or like I’m inside the world of Sherlock Holmes! You’ll just have to see what I mean when you hear it.


17. Il

By John-Michel Blais

Listen to this song when you want to feel... different.

Last but certainly not least, this song is CRAZY and will interrupt any thought pattern you were having before you started listening to it. It's very disruptive and will change how you feel in any situation. For that reason, it’s currently one of my favorites.