A Simple Way to Manifest Your Dream Life

When it comes to manifesting, journaling can be an extremely powerful tool! When you write things down by hand, not only are you focused on them for a longer period of time than if you were to just think about them, but you're declaring to the Universe, in writing, what you want AND you're imagining it, all at once! For those reasons, when I want to manifest something I whip out a pen and go straight to my journal.

Today, I'm gonna teach you a really simple journaling exercise you can use to declare how you want your life to feel. After all, the only reason we ever want to manifest anything is because of the way we think it will make us feel when we have it. So why not just cut to the chase and manifest the actual feeling itself? #WINNING

Manifest Your Dream Life (Plus a Free Worksheet!)

How it works

Let's face it, we all want the "dream life". The perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect partner... But why? Well, I'll tell you why! Because we think that those things are going to make us FEEL a certain way. The car will make you feel cool, the house will make you feel like you made it and the partner will make you feel loved. So really, the only thing we ever want is to feel. To feel happy, to feel successful, to feel sexy, to feel fulfilled...

That's why this manifesting exercise you're about to learn is SO powerful. You're actually bypassing the physical stuff that you want and focusing on the desired feelings directly, which is much more effective. AND as a side effect of manifesting these feelings, any stuff that you may want (like the lover, the job, or the car) will also show up in your life! It's a win-win.

Step 1:

Here's how to do it. First, identify all the areas of your life that you want to improve or focus on. (It could be your health, finances, relationships, whatever!) Then, using a new page in your journal for each one or by using this free worksheet I've created for you, write down each major area of your life that you want to focus on. (So on one page you'll write "health" at the top, on another "finances", on another "relationships"... and so on.)

Step 2:

Then on each of those pages or in each box on the worksheet, you're going to list all the emotions of how you want to feel in that area of your life. For example, on your "finances" page you might write something like... "I feel good about my finances. I feel like the money is flowing in. I finally feel relaxed about money."

What you don't want to do is say something like "I want to feel wealthy," (in the future tense) because that will always keep the feeling stuck out there, in the future! So be sure to write out everything in the present tense, like an affirmation. Like this, "I feel wealthy."

Then you'll just keep listing all your desired emotions as full sentence affirmations! Like this...

"I feel like my relationship with my husband is going great."

"I feel like I ca do anything I set my mind to."

"I feel like my life is easier than ever."

"I feel like this is the best job I've ever had"

You get the idea. Pretty simple, right? 

Pro Tips:

- The key is to pretend that your affirmations are already real and revel in the feelings you are writing down. Imagine that all your wishes are already fulfilled and that you're already living this dream life. Really feel how awesome it will be when this is your new reality!

- A great time to do this simple exercise is right before bed. Make some tea, light a candle, snuggle up and get to designing your dream life!

- The better a mood you are in, the more magic you can create. So be sure to do this exercise when you're feeling good and excited about life.

- To make your life easier, and to save paper, download this awesome free worksheet I designed just for this exercise! 

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