What to Do When the Universe Is Teasing You

I have a few funny stories that I've just got to share with you today to demonstrate the sense of humor of the Universe.

Because what good is a joke if I'm the only one who gets to laugh at it?

Also, as you read this post, notice just how much the Universe proves your beliefs to be true once your mind is made up about something. (This is MUY importante peeps!)

What you need to know before we dive in is that this all happened a while ago when I was dead set on marrying my ex. Obviously, it didn't happen because it wasn't meant to.

But, at the time, I reallllllyyyy wanted it. Bad. We had already been together for over six years, so it just made sense to me that that was the next step.

But instead of doing what a great manifestor would do (focus on how awesome it would feel to be married to this person) I couldn't stop focusing on how it just wasn't happening fast enough. All I could think about was how I wasn't his wife, and it bugged the crap out of me.

Basically, I (thought) was ready, I wanted it, and I'm impatient. (Aren't we all?)

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So, thanks to my thoughts of lack, the Universe decided it would be super funny to tease me by mirroring my thoughts to me in various, real-life, situations.

Not just once or twice, but three (very obvious) times... in one week alone! And now I have to stop and appreciate just how clever and perfect they all were.

Here's how it went down.

(Scoreboard: Universe III, Kelsey 0.)


What to Do When the Universe Is Teasing You

The first slap in the face

The first slap in the face happened at the Apple store when we went to get my boyfriend's computer fixed.

We got to the store and he explained what he needed fixed to the Apple Genius that offered to help us. Only to realize he had left his computer in the car by accident. So he went back to the car while I stayed in the store to wait.

The 'Genius' was trying to help other customers in the meantime, so he grabbed another employee and started to explain our situation to him.

That's when this happened.

"So this young ladies'..."

He stops to look at me, "Uh... Boyfriend... Husband?"

I paused in annoyance to do a mental eye roll before I answered in an extremely annoyed tone, "Boyfriend."

He continues, "Boyfriend, went to the car to get his computer, but when he comes back could you please help them with..."


I mean really. How unnecessary was that not-so-subtle jab, Universe?!

I feel like I can still hear the Universe laughing even now. Just reiterating my thoughts right back at me in the form of these everyday human interactions.

The more I was annoyed to be just a 'girlfriend', the more people kept calling me that.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

The second jab to the heart

The second jab happened at the doctor's office as soon as my boyfriend started checking in.

"Hi, I have an appointment with the cardiologist at 9:30..."

"Ah yes," the lady at the front desk thought out loud; "Mr. Gonzalez, correct?"

All of the sudden she went from talking to just him to addressing both of us (as a couple).

"And do you two still live at this address?" ('This address' being the house that I obviously did not live with him in because we're not married!) "Oh, Mr. Smith is your doctor. Don't you guys just love him? He's so nice..."

I just smiled politely, but on the inside I was like, "Lady, I really wouldn't know since he's not my doctor, because we don't go to the same doctor, because we're not married." *double eye roll

There continued to be few similar statements just to rub some more salt in the wound, but the very best part was when it was time for my boyfriend to leave the waiting room and go with the doctor.

"Can I come in with you?" I asked.

"Mmmm... No."

"No?? Well... What happens when we're married? You're still not gonna let me come in with you?"

"When we're married you can come with me. But for now, coming in with me is just a marital privilege that you don't have."

Ok, he didn't actually say that (out loud), but he might as well have! I might be embellishing a little to make a point here.


The final facepalm

The third time is the funniest and least coincidental of all...

We were having dinner with my boyfriend's whole family for his sister's birthday.

Everyone was in the middle of serving themselves a plate of food when my boyfriend's six-year-old niece comes up behind our chairs and starts spewing a monologue that I swear the Universe took right out of my head and put into her tiny little mouth.

First, she looked at us perplexed. Then this came out.

"... Are you guys married yet?! Why aren't you married? When are you getting married? Don't you guys love each other?"

She continued for what seemed like ten minutes of the same question reworded a hundred different ways and all I could do was try not to bust out laughing and say, "Don't look at me. I've been wondering the same thing!". #lol

Kid's these days... they always manage to verbalize what the adults are too polite to address. 

The moral of the storie(s)

As much as it might seem like it, I'm not sharing these stories to post a bitter diary entry on the internet. The point of sharing these stories is to demonstrate to you that you get what you focus on.



You always get what you focus on.

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So even though what I wanted was to be married, what I was focused on was how unmarried I was. And so, as the Universe always does, it proved me correct and showed me more evidence of said beleif. Over, and over... and over.

Throughout the whole week when these three hilarious stories took place, I was simply being shown evidence of my own thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less.

That's why it's so important for us to be aware of how we think about the things that we want.

You must always ask yourself...

Am I really focused on the thing I want?

Or am I more preoccupied with noticing how I don't have it yet?

Because if the ladder is the case, you might wanna change your focus from one of lack to one of hope or positive expectation. (Trust me, it helps!)

In my case, what I could have done better was not worry so much about the label of marriage and instead cultivate the type of relationship that a married couple would have. Instead of noticing my lack of married-ness, I could have focused on how beautiful our relationship was, labels or no labels. 

Not that it matters anymore, since it all fell through for the better, but still. Hindsight, ya know?

After all these occurrences happened I couldn't help but to reflect and realize how the Universe can have such a funny (and sometimes twisted) sense of humor. It's times like these where we can either cry (cause we're not married) or laugh at how perfect and hilarious everything is.

Life is supposed to be fun and funny. And if you pay attention to the seemingly small signs, you'll notice and appreciate when the Universe is playing with you. It's almost magical in a way. :)

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