Emotions Made Easy: How to Feel Better One Mood at a Time

Since the only reason we ever want anything in life is because of the way we think it will make us feel... And the only way to manifest something that feels good is to feel good first... Don't you think understanding your emotions is kind of important?

Understanding and using your emotions is step one to becoming the creator of your own reality and taking your life back.

Emotions Made Easy: How to Feel Better One Mood at a Time


Your Emotions and The Law of Attraction

From a law of attraction standpoint, your emotions are like a compass that point you straight towards the fulfillment of your deepest desires. #exciting

That's  because your emotions are a direct indicator of your vibration or energy at any given moment. Meaning you can tell what your vibration is by how you feel. And your vibration basically tells you how much you are resisting or allowing your manifestations to come.

Simply stated, if you feel good you’re in an awesome high vibrational place, allowing all the goodies of life to come your way. If you feel bad, then you’re obviously in a lower vibrational state, resisting the goodies.

Your vibration matters because the law of attraction is ALWAYS attracting things to you that match your vibration. It responds directly to your vibration and only to your vibration. Not your words, not your vision boards, not your feng shui. (These are all just tools that help raise you to a desired vibration.)

The meat of your manifesting power is in your ability to vibrate higher, and by "vibrate higher" I mean feel better.


The meat of your manifesting power is in your ability to vibrate higher, and by "vibrate higher" I mean feel better.

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Because when you feel good you attract good things. And who doesn't want that?!

Side note: This does not mean that you have to be happy all the time or that feeling negative emotions is somehow wrong or bad. Ups and downs are a natural flow of life. And we can't even have good feeling emotions without the contrast of the "bad" ones. But wouldn't you prefer to be up more than down? I think yes.

Just like when you set your radio tuner on 98.6, you can’t hear what’s being broadcast on 101 FM: Your frequencies have to sync up. So, the frequency of your desire and the frequency of your day-to-day thought about your desire have to be on the same vibrational wavelength. And how do you know when it is? It feels good to think about it.
— Abraham Hicks

Think about the people you know. Everybody knows that one person who is always feeling shitty and complaining about their life. This person feels bad to be around and, to put it bluntly, their life kinda sucks.

Seems like bad things are always happening to them. On the outside they look plain unlucky, but really the law of attraction is just doing its job and matching them up with unfortunate events that coincide with their low vibration.

Their point of attraction is so low that they are only a match to low vibrational things! Which makes them more unhappy, which lowers their point of attraction even more. It can be a vicious cycle, if you don’t know how to get out.

On the other hand, everybody knows somebody who’s life seems perfect. They are always smiling and oozing with charisma. Everything they touch turns to gold. Their work life is perfect. Their love life is perfect. They get everything they want.

They are considered the “lucky ones”. But this is no accident. These are really the high vibrational ones. Attracting circumstances that reflect their mood and attitude about life. 

Everybody wants to be this person. And following your emotions is the first step to getting there.

The Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham Hicks

One of my favorite law of attraction teachers, Abraham Hicks, created an awesome emotional guidance scale. It has all the common emotions listed from high vibration to low vibration (top to bottom).

It's a super valuable tool that demonstrates how, through baby steps, you can move up the emotional scale one emotion at a time. It's basically an emotional map that can get you where you want to go.

 The scale looks something like this...

Abraham Hick's Emotional Guidance Scale: How to use it to your advantage!


(This list is from page 114 of  “Ask and It is Given”, which I recommend in 8 Self Improvement Books That Will Make You Super Human.)

The idea is that you can use this knowledge to your advantage and always reach for a slightly better feeling emotion, no matter where you are on the scale at any time! #genius

One-by-one, you can climb your way up the emotional ladder in small, manageable steps.

Let's quickly walk through some main components of this emotional guidance scale.

Depression obviously feels the worst and is when your vibration has hit an all-time low. But from there you can find slight relief in anger. Anger actually feels a little bit better and is therefore higher up on the scale.

Around boredom and contentment is where the scale goes from a somewhat neutral or complacent vibration into the higher vibrational moods.

And of course love and joy are the pinocle level.

I don’t have to tell you that it can be hard to go from a super negative emotion to a super positive one in an instant. This scale explains why. It's too big a vibrational gap. It’s easier to take it one mood at a time.

That's why when you're in a negative state you can't just "think positive" and expect it to work. All you can do is think slightly less negative until eventually you hit the tipping point and begin to feel better and better.

Going from super negative to super positive in an instant is not impossible. (When it happens, it's literally called a miracle.) But it sure can be a hell of a lot harder than gradually working your way up this scale, especially if you've been feeling down for a while and have a lot of negative momentum going on.

Trying to conquer such a big vibrational gap in one moment is like trying to jump across the grand canyon, with no trampoline, no parachute, no nothing. #badidea

Using the emotional guidance scale, on the other hand, is like skipping from one tile in the kitchen to another. Much more manageable.

So, for example, if you're in a state of anger you cannot simply change your thought and skip straight to hopefulness because that is too far out of reach when you’re angry. But you could reach for the feeling of worry, that would feel slightly better. And then once you move through worry you can progress to frustration, another step up from where you were, and so on all the way until you feel great! #winning

Or if you're feeling worried, instead of going straight for appreciation, you can move into a place of disappointment, and then impatience, and then eventually contentment.

Here's a more specific example, when I feel depressed, I try to reach for an angry thought. "I'm so sad that my life isn't going according to my timing because my boyfriends has four (not two like I thought) more years of school left."(depression) eventually becomes "Ugh. I'm so mad at this situation. I cannot wait four more years!"(anger/impatience).

When I'm angry, I've actually taken back a lot of my power. After feeling angry for a while I get tired of feeling frustrated and then I think whatever I can to find some sense of contentment and calm. "This situation is obviously not ideal, but I've already waited this long what's a couple more years really in the big scheme of things?" (contentment).

Reach for a better feeling thought.
— Abraham Hicks

Relief is the operative word here.

When you find relief you are releasing resistance. When you release resistance, you feel better. When you feel better, you raise your vibration. And when you raise your vibration, good things will come.

Relief is the first step.

There are lots of different ways to find relief. Like by meditating, practicing gratitude, doing something fun, or simply changing your focus. (Although, I will say that changing your focus is probably a harder one to do if you've been stuck in a certain vibration for a very long time.)

If you can move yourself up the emotional scale from the larger numbered emotions towards the lower numbered ones, you are going up and getting closer to everything you ever wanted. If you're moving down the scale from the smaller numbered emotions to the bigger numbered ones, then you are moving away from your manifestations.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking, "I have to move my heavy self all the way up this freaking ladder just to get to what I want?! Sounds like a terribly difficult chore."

The truth is, our natural state is to be happy and in a space of love. So really, instead of you doing something to feel better, it's more like your undoing stuff that keeps you from naturally feeling better.

It's harder to feel bad than it is to feel good. It requires way more effort and energy on our part.

It just seems like feeling good is hard because we've been practicing feeling bad for such a long time! But if we weren't always holding ourselves back from feeling good, then we would always be connected to the natural flow of wellbeing. (You can see this very clearly in babies and little kids.)

It's like the East Australian Current (E.A.C.) in Finding Nemo. There's a natural flow of wellbeing that all of us belong in. It's happy, fun, and makes life easy, but a lot of times we opt out for whatever reason. We just step aside and make the journey half way across the ocean the slow and hard way.

"Bye guys! I'll catch up with you in another 50 years! I'm gonna take the scenic route..." #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Stop playing life on hard mode. Ride the current. #richeous


Stop playing life on hard mode.

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Instead of thinking of moving up the emotional scale like a chore, like something you have to do, think of it more like not doing that thing you usually do and you will naturally float right on up. Enjoy the process of feeling a little better, and then a little better, and then even better.

Reach for better feeling thoughts and you'll soon be on your way right up the emotional guidance scale!



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