How Your Parents Trained You to Suck at Manifesting

*Disclaimer: I did not write this article to bash on any parents. I love my parents dearly and I know that all parents are just doing their best. BUT, with that being said, it will be good for anyone who has ever been a child or any current parent to read this article so they can let go of their old conditioning or stop conditioning their kids to think that life is hard, especially when it doesn't have to be.

Does this childhood situation sound familiar to you? Every time you wanted to go on the school field trip you had to ask your mom and then follow up with why she should let you.

“Pretty pleaaaaase. Everyone else is going!”

And then she would usually respond with something along the lines of, “Well, if you are on your very best behavior at dinner tonight then maybe we can talk about it.”

Which really meant, “As long as you act in a way that pleases me I might allow you to have your needs and wants met.”

How Your Parents Trained You to Suck at Manifesting

Your mother (parents and others) have unknowingly trained you over time to justify your need and wishes. Unfortunately, this has caused you to think that in order to get your needs or wants met you have to ask for permission, justify why you want things, act in a way that pleases the gatekeeper, AND be worthy enough to deserve them.

Luckily, this is not how the Universe operates, like at all! So if you've been trying (and failing) to manifest with this approach, then read on!

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When it comes to getting what you want out of life, the Universe is nothing like your mother. You don't have to justify why you want what you want. You don't have to act in a way that pleases it. And you sure don't need to do anything to be worthy of having your wants and needs met because you already are!

You see, unlike your mother (who I'm sure does love you very dearly), the Universe doesn't have much of an opinion about you or what you want. Its stance is always to just agree with whatever you think about yourself and your life.

If you think you deserve to have a financially abundant life then the Universe will agree with you and send the riches your way. If you think you're a terrible writer the Universe will make sure to prove that to you with a big fat "F" from all your teachers every time you turn in your college essays.

You get the idea. Basically the Universe just says "yes" to everything you think, feel, and say, for better or for worse.

Also, unlike your mother, the Universe already knows how worthy you are of everything that you could want or hope for. Your mom may have had you work for things when you were little. Take out the garbage and you can get an allowance... Clean up the dog poop and you can keep the dog... Which has lead you to believe that you must work hard to prove that you are worthy of things.

When in reality, working hard doesn't make you any more worthy than the next guy because everyone is already worthy, by default! You don’t have to prove your worthiness to the Universe because it created you worthy.


"You don't have to prove you are worthy because you were created worthy."

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And on that note, let's talk about asking for permission. When you were little you had to ask your mother permission for everyyyyything and if she said "no" then you were S.O.L. But the Universe always says "yes" like I mentioned before. So the only thing that can stop you from getting your wants and needs met... is you!

In real life, the only one who holds the key to the gate is you. Which is also why you don't need to justify why you want or need things. If you have the desire for something, that's all the justification the Universe needs to make it happen for you.


"If you have the desire for something, that's all the justification the Universe needs to make it happen for you."

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In fact, when you do try to justify why you want something you’re really doing more harm than good because you’re essentially affirming that you don’t already have it yet. And when you focus on how you don’t have things, it tends to keep them away. 

For example... let's say you really want to try a new line of work, but only because (here comes the justification) you can’t stand the work you do now. This is a great reason to want a new job, but when that’s the only motivation for something new you’re focused in the wrong direction.

When you're focused on how you want a new job because you hate your current job, you’re actually more focused on the current job and why you don’t like it, NOT the new one. 

But in order to manifest the new one you must be focused on how awesome the new work will be, not how bad the current work sucks. Because whatever you focus on expands.

So really, when you justify your wants and needs, you are just holding yourself apart from them longer, when you could just be focusing on manifesting them. (Speaking of manifesting, have you checked out my free “Manifesting Cheat Sheet” yet? It’s an awesome printable that will help you tremendously on your manifesting journey.)

So, as you can see now, your mother and Universe are two very different beings. And how you were trained to get things when you were younger, does not necessarily translate into adulthood and real life as far as the Universe is concerned. God bless our Mamas' good intentioned souls, but thank God it's so much easier to have our wants and needs met when it comes to the Universe!

So stop justifying, stop asking for permission, and stop feeling unworthy! The Universe is on your side. 


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