How to Attract More Blessings in Your Life

The formula for attracting blessings in life is actually quite easy, the problem is most people just don't do it. What is this secret formula I speak of? Well, we will get to that in a minute, but FIRST. Let's see if this hypothetical story sounds familiar to you...

Pretend you've been wanting something out of life for a long time now (maybe it's a promotion... a baby... or some other goal) and then, months later, after lots of patience, trial and tribulation, you finally get it! #YAY

You should be so happy, right? And maybe you are for a moment or two, but most likely you're already thinking things like this...

"Well, it's about time!" or "I'm so relieved that finally happened. Onto the next thing."

Basically, you just take it for granted and then move on with your life.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but this is a surefire way to destroy your blessing attraction abilities. Every time you do this, you are lessening your ability to attract more goodies into your life.

How to Attract More Blessings in Your Life

The Secret Formula for Attracting More Blessings

Here's what you want to do instead. This is THE secret to attracting more blessings in your life. Are you ready?

When something good happens, celebrate it!

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When you finally land that promotion, get excited about it. When you're finally able to get pregnant after trying for (what seems like) forever, be thankful for it. When you achieve that goal you've been working so hard for, treat yo self!

The problem is, what most people do when good things happen to them is... nothing.

They just dismiss it as a bit of luck, or worse, they simply go on with their lives without even taking a moment to pause and acknowledge the awesome things that just happened to them. (And then they wonder why blessings are so few and far between!)

The easiest way to attract more blessings in your life is to encourage and acknowledge the good things you already have going on by celebrating them. When you encourage and praise the blessings you have already been given, you become an energetic match for receiving even more blessings!

Not only that, but the more time you spend giving your attention to the good things in your life, the more likely you are to keep attracting more of them! Because what you focus on expands. So why not focus on everything that's going right?

It's all about celebrating everything good in life and leaning into the times when you're already feeling blessed. When you do this you are leveraging powerful resources that are already available to you: your blessings and your naturally high vibe state in that moment (A.K.A. your good mood).

It's easy to attract blessings from this place of gratitude. In fact, when you encourage the things you love and appreciate about your life, it's like you're telling the Universe, "Thank you very much for the blessing, keep on sending more like this please!" and the Universe will be happy to oblige.


The more you celebrate your life, the more your life gives you to celebrate.

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I mean think about it, when you give someone a gift for their birthday, and they get really excited about it, doesn't that make you want to give them even more presents?!

Now imagine if you were to give someone a present (that you put a lot of time and energy into - mind you) and instead of receiving it in gratitude, they just looked at you and said, "Is that all you got me? You call this a present?"... How eager are you to give this person any more presents in the future?

Not eager... at all. Right. Because who wants to give to someone who is never thankful for what they get?! Nobody. Not even the Universe.

If you don't stop to smell the roses and appreciate all the awesome things life has already sent your way, your life is just gonna be like, "Well screw that guy, he doesn't even notice, let alone appreciate, all the stuff I do for him! My efforts would be better spent blessing someone who cares."

How to Do It

So, now that you know you need to start celebrating more how can you?

The first step is to get used to noticing every single win (no matter how "big" or "small"). ANY/EVERY TIME something good happens to you, consider it a blessing and find a way to celebrate and encourage it.

There are a number of ways to do this. You can talk about it, sing a little song about it, write it down in a gratitude journal, simply reflect on how awesome it is, say a little "thank you" prayer, go out to dinner, do a little dance, throw a party, you-name-it!

You can be as creative or as subtle as you'd like in your celebrations. The important part is that you do them, doesn't really matter how.

So with that being said, how are you going to start celebrating your life more? What's one thing you can celebrate today and how are you going to celebrate it? I would love for you to share in the comments below!