How to Stop Playing Small and Live Life to the Fullest

Recently I posted a powerful dance photo of myself with the caption "You don't have to defend or explain yourself if you don't want to. Live your life. There's really no set of rules that tells you how you have to do it."

Hundreds of likes and many comments later I realized how many people this message was resonating with. And so, this article was born.

When I meet people for the first time and get to the whole, "What do you do?" section of the friendly conversation, people are always a little taken back by my answer.

How to Stop Playing Small and Live Life to the Fullest

Where most people would respond with the usual, "I'm a teacher," or "I'm a real estate agent," I always smile and respond with "I just live my life."

You see, I got sick of having to explain myself and my lifestyle to everyone. Trying to get them to understand me. Trying to fit myself into one (or in my case, many) label(s).

I don't live by societies standards and outdated traditions. And people love that.

My friends always say, "It's so inspiring how you get to do all these wonderful things that you love (meaning do hair and makeup, teach yoga, dance on stilts, travel the world, run an inspirational blog, and so on...). You seem so passionate about your life. I wish I could do that, but (insert excuses here). You're so lucky. Your life is perfect."

When people say this it makes me want to shake everyone and tell them, "You can be passionate about your life and follow your dreams too!" This lifestyle didn't just happen to me by some lucky chance. (I actually take some offense by that.) I deliberately chose it for myself, and you can too. I'm no more special or privileged than anyone else.

I just never settle for anything less than what I deserve. And I deserve to have it all. We all do.


Break Free 

Pretty much everyone lives their lives according to societies standards. We speak, act, and live accordingly. Even without knowing, realizing, or even questioning it. We just do what everyone else does because "that's what people do".

It's what our parents did. It's what our grandparents did. It's what our friends do. It's what our role models do. It's how everyone expects us to live, including ourselves.

But what if we didn't always abide by societies standards... What if we lived our lives according to our own set of principles, beliefs, and values. What if we questioned everything? What if we just embraced our individuality and did whatever the fuck made us happy? 


Your Life's Purpose

The funny thing is… there is no set manual for life. There is no book of rules that says "This is how you are to live your life and there is no other way." So why does everyone act like there is?

Do you want to know your life’s real purpose? The whole reason why you came here in the first place... the very reason for your existence!

It’s so simple it will knock your socks right off. 

It’s to experience yourself.

That’s it folks. #lifesbigsecret.

Your only purpose in life is to experience yourself in your entirety. There is no other purpose for anyone on earth other than this.


Your only purpose in life is to experience yourself in your entirety. There is no purpose other than this.

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By experience yourself I mean experience love, joy, creation, fun, passion, peace, power, kindness... and all things good, because that's what you are. Deep down to the core you are made up of pure positive energy. Here, in this lifetime, is where you get to express that.

This is why it could also be said that the purpose of life is love, joy, or creation. These are all your greatest natural qualities.

Your purpose is love.

Your purpose is joy.

Your purpose is creation.

Whichever one you resonate with, choose it and run!

You will know your path by the fun of it.
— Abraham Hicks

Everybody is running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to find their purpose in life, trying to catch up to some predetermined path they think they are supposed to live out, when really the path is yours to choose!

Life is not about paying for some past karmic debt or learning hard lessons until you die (although lessons definitely come with the package)!

It's about you doing whatever makes you feel most alive. Life is supposed to feel good. It's supposed to be fun people! Never forget this.

You are in an eternal moment of self creation and self fulfillment, through the process of self expression.
— God in Converstations with God Book 2

It’s the same and different for everyone. It’s the same in that everyone comes here to experience themselves, but how we do that is different for each individual.

Follow your heart. Live out your passions. Love a lot. Create as you please. Follow your good feelings.

It’s really that simple.

As soon as you understand this, as a byproduct of being and expressing yourself everything else will begin to flow effortlessly for you.


Your Life is Yours To Choose

I bet nobody’s ever told you this either, but you get to choose. You get to choose your entire life. How freakin' cool is that?!

You get to choose your job (or jobs if you're like me). You get to choose your home. You get to choose your friends. You get to choose your partner. You get to choose your stuff. But most importantly, you get to choose your thoughts and emotions. (Notice how I'm, very purposefully, using the phrase "get to".)

Your free will is an absolute of your existence.
— Teal Swan


You are the creator of your own life experience. It can, and should, be however you like it most.

Not how your parents, or church, or teachers like it most. Not how anybody else likes it, but you. Because it's your life. (They have their own lives they can be in control of.)

There is no hidden purpose to your life that you have to catch up to or discover. There is no predetermined script or path for you to take.

All you came here to do was create an experience worth experiencing. Whatever that means to you. As long as you're having fun, you can't go wrong!

I'd love to hear in the comments what living life to the fullest would look like for you. Dreams should always be shared with the right people who will encourage them (cough cough... me).

Now's your time. Quit playing small and start living life to the fullest. Choose your life, experience yourself.


Create a life worth experiencing.

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