How to Program Your Crystals for Manifesting

I'm always adding new tools to my manifesting toolbox (like my free “Manifesting Cheat Sheet”), but my latest favorite is crystals. A shaman friend recently suggested that I get a special crystal just for manifesting. So I did, and the results have been awesome!

Whether you've already got a few crystals in your collection or you're brand new to the concept, this article will show you exactly how to program your crystals to help you manifest anything and everything!

How to Program Your Crystals for Manifesting

Step 1: Pick Your Favorite Crystal

The first step is to pick a crystal, and not just any crystal, the one that calls to you. My friend recommended that I get a clear Quartz, which just so happens to be one of my favorites (of course), but this part of the process is very personal. Here's a whole list of crystals that are specifically awesome for manifesting for you to choose from!

Don't worry if you're not sure what you want. Your intuition can guide you. Whenever you are really attracted to a crystal for its color, shape, look, energy, presence, qualities, etc. that's the one you should go with. Your body knows best. The crystal that will be best for you personally will be the one that appeals to you the most.

Step 2: Cleanse your Crystal

Once you have the crystal in your possession you should clean it (physically and energetically) with running water. (If your crystal is part of a jewelry piece use sage to and cleanse it with the smoke instead of using water.) This helps to give it a fresh start so it can work its magic for you. If you have access to a natural water source like a river or ocean, that is best, but if not you can always just rinse it off in the sink. (That's what I did and my crystal works juuuuuuuust fine.)

Step 3: Ask it to be Your Manifesting Crystal

The next step is to ask the crystal if it will be your manifesting crystal. I know it seems a little funny, but we don't want to assume that it's just gonna be our little manifesting slave! We must have a reciprocal relationship with nature. So hold it up to your heart and say, silently or out loud, "Will you be my manifesting crystal?". Naturally, the crystal will agree (energetically, not verbally, of course) since you asked so nicely. And now the fun can begin.

Step 4: Charge Your Manifesting Crystal

The next step has two parts: to sit in meditation with your crystal and charge your crystal with the power of the sun and/or moon! You can also kill two birds with one stone and sit in meditation with your crystal in the sunlight or moonlight.

This is the time for you to start bonding with your crystal, which you want to think of as your new homie, not servant. The more you love on your crystal, the more it loves on you!

Since the sun represents the masculine energies that have to do with getting things done it's perfect for charging your manifesting crystal. But I usually like to let my crystals charge for a full 24-hour cycle so they can also be balanced by the feminine energy of the moon as well. 

Step 6: Give Your Manifesting Crystal a Home

Now it's time to give your crystal a happy home! Place your crystal somewhere you can admire it and connect with it often. I sleep with mine right beside me on my bedside table so we can stay connected for several hours a day. If you're trying to manifest something specific and you know which Feng Shui area is correlated with it, you can place the crystal here until it manifests!

Step 5: Share Your Desires

Now that your crystal is all prepped and ready to go it's time to share with desires with it. Let it know what you want. Ask it to help you. This step will be repeated as often as you'd like. Not that you should keep telling it about the same thing over and over, but every time you want something new, share with your crystal so it can be in the know.

You can also write down your dreams on a piece of paper and place the crystal on top or hold it in your hands as you visualize your desired manifestations. Feel free to get as creative as you'd like here.

The easiest way to do this is just to download this free “Manifesting Cheat Sheet”, print it out, fill it out, and then place it under your crystal. #thatwaseasy

And there you have it! Now pick your manifesting crystal and get a move on it. :) Happy Manifesting!

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