(Video) Q&A with Kelsey Aida: How to Deal with Negative Emotions

Hey Guys! In this video, I answer a question I get a LOT, "What's the best way to handle negative emotions?" Should we avoid them at all costs or embrace them to the fullest?

Well, I'm about to share with you two of my favorite ways to deal with negative emotions. When it comes to manifesting and the law of attraction, the common teaching is to feel good at all costs and avoid the bad vibes, but is this really the best way?

I think yes... and no.

Yes, we should feel good on purpose and quite often, but we definitely shouldn't beat ourselves up when we feel bad. So-called "negative emotions" serve a very important purpose, so it's best not to suppress or deny them.

Depending on how bad the negativity has gotten there are a few approaches you can take to ease the pain. Both of which I explain in this video! Enjoy!


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