How to Avoid Negative People

We all have that one (hopefully just one) person in our live's who is absolutely,  entirely, totally, super duper... negative. Just the very sight of them throws us off balance in ways we never knew possible and makes us want to do some regrettable things. Obviously, our lives would be much better without said person...

So how can you avoid these Negative Nancys? How does one go about dodging the Debbie Downers? Well, there's a little more to it than just avoiding them altogether so read on!

How to Avoid Negative People

The Real Problem

I hate to break it to you, BUT even if you could somehow manage to rid your life of this so-called "negative" person, you would STILL have the same exact problem elsewhere because you would not have addressed the real issue at hand.

Some new annoying person would surely come along and take the place of the last and your problem would happen all over again. Different day, same (type of) person.

That's because the real problem here is (shockingly) not them, it is something that YOU'VE got going on inside, energetically, that's making you a vibrational match to experiencing the worst aspects of this seemingly (key word here) horrible human. Since like energy attracts like energy, something you've got going on energetically is what's attracting this negative person to you.

So instead of thinking of how you can avoid said person you should look inward and ask yourself, "What part of me is a vibrational match to this person?", "What do I have going on inside here that does not serve me?", "Why do they get to me so deeply?", or "Am I such a negative person that I'm attracting more negative people?!"

Maybe they challenge a belief system of yours that's not serving you, but you're too stubborn to change it so there's turmoil inside of you. Maybe they are mean to you because you are mean to yourself (on the inside)... I can't really say because I'm not you.

All I can tell you is that there's always some aspect of yourself that this person is triggering. Hence the phrase, "They push my buttons." Uh yeah, YOUR buttons, that are already there.

What To Do About It

The good news is that this means the power is in your hands! Once you fix your inner issues and come into your wholeness, the "negative" person will either exit your life (with no effort on your part) or your experience of them will change entirely (for the better).

So instead of going out of your way to physically avoid them, (Not a great thing to do since the Law of Attraction makes sure that what you resist persists.) you can raise your vibration enough so that you are no longer a vibrational match to that person, or at least not a match to the bad aspects of that person. And then, the Universe will never put you guys in the same room ever again! #yay Or if It does, you will have an entirely different experience of that person.

So let's say you absolutely can't staaand your brother-in-law. Well, if you took the time to meditate 10-20 minutes every day for a few weeks, chances are that you're gonna either: A. Start seeing less of him, B. He will start bothering you less, or C. You will start to experience a better side of him that you never saw before. (Plus the mediation will help you become more "unfuckwithable", so annoying people will seem less annoying to you cause you'll be rock solid in your alignment. #winning)

And meditation is just one way to raise your vibration! There are about a billion other ways to do it as well, some of which I list in this article. The most important takeaway to have if you want to rid your life of this person is to work through your inner issues first. Heal yourself, feel good, and they will leave you alone!

A Helpful Tool

Chances are, if you're trying to rid your life of negative people, you're probably also trying to rid your life of all forms of negativity. So I'd love to share a tool with you that will help. It's a 30-Day Negativity Detox by and it's awesome!

You can do the detox in a course or book format and it will totally help you subtract all the negative stuff and fill that void with good vibes instead! I personally recommend you take the course (as opposed to reading the book) because it will be easier to implement what you learn, but both are great.

And if we're being honest here, I think you’ve known for a while that you need to make some pretty big changes in your life. That's what this Negativity Detox is for.

Check out the 30-Day Negativity Detox here if you're ready to cleanse your mind, body, and soul of the toxicity that's been holding you back!