7 Books That Will Help You Manifest More Money

Before money is attained in your life it's first created in your mind. Hence, it goes without saying that if you don't have right mindset, you'll never be able to create more of it. Lucky for you, I've put together this awesome list of some of my favorite money mindset books that will ultimately help you to manifest (a lot) more money.

While there are tons of books about making and managing money, these are more specifically about putting in place the right mindset for you to start attracting money. (Keep in mind that these books are listed in no particular order because they are all great for different reasons.) Enjoy!

7 Books That Will Help You Manifest More Money


1. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Master the Inner Game of Wealth

by T. Harv Eker

This book will help you to quickly adopt the mindset of the wealthy by changing your current beliefs to look more like theirs, and well, less like yours. It's all about how you can set a high "money blueprint" for yourself to create natural and automatic success. Exciting right? I've already read it twice already and I cannot tell you how different my financial situation is!


2. A Happy Pocket Full of Money: Your Quantum Lear into the Understanding, Having, and Enjoying of Immense Wealth and Happiness

by David Cameron Gikandi

The subtitle of this book is more than just a figure of speech. This book shows how recent discoveries in theoretical physics are actually relevant in the creation of personal wealth. Basically, it's all about using the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth even though he doesn't really use the term "Law of Attraction". It's a great read if you want to understand the true power of your mind on your finances and everything else in your life.


3. No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Really Getting Rich

by Dan Kennedy

This is by far one of my favorite books to recommend to people who want to manifest financial freedom because it will literally shatter all the most common limiting beliefs that you have around money so you can stop self-sabotaging your life. Plus, Dan Kennedy is a funny guy, so it's also super entertaining. Read it and thank me later.


4. #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness

by Kelsey Aida Roualdes

I had to shamelessly include my book on this list because well, there's a whole freakin' chapter dedicated to helping you improve your money mindset using positive affirmations. And the book is specifically designed to teach you to to use affirmations without feeling like a liar, so you know, they can actually work! So if you like money and you like affirmations, this one's for you. The book is short and sweet so you can think of it as more of like a cheat sheet for an awesome life.


5. Passion Profit & Power: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Create the Relationships, Wealth, and Well-Being That You Deserve

by Marshall Sylver

Like my book, this one is not just about money, it's also about relationships and power in general. This book is an oldie, but a goodie that you probably have never heard of. Which is a real shame because this book is brilliant! It will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind (the mind that is really in charge) in order to manifest more wealth. Plus it has a lot of actionable advice like how to pick the best job for you, and how to sell anybody anything!


6. Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki had two dads growing up. His real dad, aka "Poor Dad" who was well educated, but never seemed to have enough money and his best friends dad, aka "Rich Dad", who was technically uneducated, yet somehow (**cough cough because of his beliefs about money) very, very rich. In the book, he demonstrates how the two contradictory mindsets of his fathers led to two different kinds of results and then, of course, he teaches you how to think more like his rich dad and how to avoid thinking like his poor dad. He also has a really simple way of explaining things that I have found to be very helpful and non-intimidating which makes this book a great one to start with!


7. Money: A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want

by Kate Northrup

Just like other relationships, living happily with money really comes down to love, which is why love is the basis of money maven Kate Northrup’s book. This books helps you to better understand yourself and your relationship with money to help you figure out how you can positive change your perception of money. Then, and only then, can you attract more of it into your life!

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