The Number One Life Hack for Attracting Everything You Want

What is the number one priority in your life right now? Is it to land that promotion? Have kids? Lose weight? 

My second question for you is, why? Why is that your number one priority? Out of all the things you could want for yourself, what will be different about your life once you accomplish or obtain that thing? Why do you really want it?

Chances are you are going after something because you think it will somehow make you feel better. Am I right?

“When I land that promotion, I’ll stress less about finances...”

“When we have kids we will be happy...”

“When I loose weight I will feel healthy and sexy...”


The Number One Life Hack for Attracting Everything You Want


The only reason we ever want or do anything in life is because of the way we think it will make us feel. And more often than not, we just want to feel good!

Feeling good is everything. We are here on this planet to experience love and joy. It's the very thing that drives us to action. It's something we all want for ourselves and each other.

The problem is, we think that certain circumstances (the job, the house, the money, the fame...) will make us feel good so we fixate on them and do whatever it takes to achieve them, but this is a lot of work and often leads to disappointment (regardless of the outcome). If we don't achieve it, we get upset. And even if we do achieve it, we still feel unfulfilled and are then upset anyway because it didn't make us feel as good as we thought it would. #talkaboutaletdown



Luckily, I've found a better way. It goes like this: You just decide to feel good first and then let the Law of Attraction take care of the rest.

I'll explain exactly what I mean by this in a second, but first here are two major benefits to this seemingly backwards approach:

1. You can bypass having to achieve things in order to feel good because you will have chosen to feel good regardless of circumstance. Instead of passively reacting to life as it unfolds and feeling like a helpless victim (as most people do, by the way, because they don't want the responsibility of their life), you can own your power and choose happiness for yourself. This puts you back in control. 

2. The Universe will give you more things to feel good about as a consequence of the Law of Attraction because you will already be feeling good, which will make you a vibrational match to those outside things that you wanted in the first place! It's a win-win, you see. When you feel good you can (effortlessly) attract all the goodies you originally wanted to make you feel good, but now you don't need them they are just extra bonuses. Ya feel me? (If you're not feelin' me I suggest you read my article Manifestation 101: How to Manifest Anything Your Heart Desires where I explain what I mean by "Law of Attraction", "manifestation", and "vibration".)

I know what you're probably thinking, "Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey... such a naive little 22 year old... that's just not how life works Hun. We feel good after we observe proof of good things happening to us. We can't just decide to feel good for no reason."

Oh, but we can. And we should.

We can choose to feel good in any moment. We just have to really want it and commit whole heartedly. The wanting part it easy, everybody wants to feel good. It's the committing part that can be a little tricky at times (to say the least). 

Anyone can choose to feel good when a good friend calls or they get a new puppy, but how can you choose to feel good when you loose your job or find out you have cancer?

You have to decide to feel good 100% unconditionally. Not just if or when something happens, but regardless of outside circumstances. Feeling good is not a luxury, it's your right.

If we focus on feeling good we can raise our vibration and attract more good feeling things into our life experience. The Law of Attraction will make sure of that! So instead of trying so hard to get what you want, just focus on feeling good and those things you wanted will be automatically attracted into your life experience anyway!

Stop. Doing. It. Backwards.

Feel good first and then you can attract more good things to you. That's just how it works. Hence, making feeling good the shortcut to getting everything you ever wanted.


How to Feel Good (aka hack your life)

In order to commit to feeling good you have to care about feeling good! Feeling good is the key to everything. Feeling good connects you to your highest self. Feeling good allows you to manifest anything your heart desires. Most importantly, feeling good feels good!

We don't have enough time here on earth to waste yet another moment feeling anything less than! Feel good on purpose or on accident, it really doesn't matter as long as you feel good as often as you possibly can.

There are countless numbers of ways to feel good, but start with the easy things first until you get the hang of it and then graduate from there. Starting with seemingly harder things will only make you defensive which puts you in a place of resistance. (You will never realize your manifestations if you are stuck in a place of resistance.)

Below I have crafted the ultimate list of easy, actionable things you can do to feel good. If you're someone who struggles to feel good, do not panic! You can actually hijack your emotions and trick yourself into feeling good with some of the recommendations below (the top of the list has many easy actionable ways to do this). If you're someone who naturally feels good most of the time, that's great! Time to take it to the next level (refer to the later points in the list)! 


How about we just decide to feel good first and then let the Law of Attraction take care of the rest? tweet it


The Ultimate List of Easy Ways to Feel Good


Breathe well and feel good. 




Smile for no reason and feel good. 


Spend time with family and feel good.


Dress up and feel good.


Take a nap and feel good.


Face Swap on Snapchat and feel good.


Make a list of your accomplishments and feel good.


Read a book that makes you feel good.


Watch a movie that makes you feel good.


Smell a candle and feel good.


Compliment yourself and feel good.


Dance like nobody is watching and feel good.


Spend time in water (ocean, rain, shower or tub…) and feel good.


Enjoy nature and feel good.


Make love and feel good.


Absorb the sunshine and feel good.


Listen to music that makes you feel good.


Spend time with your pets and feel good.


Tell jokes to feel good. 


Look at pictures that feel good.


Move your body in a way that feels good. 


Eat things that feel good. 


Drink wine and feel good.


Sit in furniture that feels good.


Do something kind and feel good. 


Make art and feel good. 


Hang around people who feel good. 


Laugh and feel good. 


Cry and feel good. 


Do yoga and feel good. 


Let go of clutter and feel good. 


Travel and feel good.


Spend time with kids and feel good. 


Sleep well so you can feel good. 


Have fun and feel good. 


Loose extra weight and feel good.


Treat other people in a way that makes you feel good. 


Treat yo self and feel good.


Give Thanks and feel good. 


Think thoughts that feel good.


Imagine your dream life and feel good. 


Recall a memory that feels good.


Do work that makes you feel good.


Listen to your intuition and feel good. 


Meditate and feel good. 


Manifest cool shit and feel good.


Forgive someone (could be yourself) and feel good. 


Stop worrying and start trusting to feel good.


Choose to be happy unconditionally and just feel good. Tweet it


Your number one priority in life should be this and only this: To feel good. That’s what you’re really after anyway isn't it?


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