The Truth of Who You Are

In your natural state of wellbeing you are all of these things and more.

If you don't believe it when you read it, just notice how baby's are all of these things. So innocent and pure. We all are, naturally.

Over time society pressures and conditions us to feel, believe and act otherwise, but know that this is the truth of who you really are. You can come back to it at any time.

Don't let society tell you who you are! Heck, don't even let me tell you who you are. I don't know you, but I do know how God created you. So do you, deep down inside. You probably just forgot. We all do.

Read these statements and decide for yourself. Don't be fooled by your ego, that voice inside your head that tells you you are the opposite of all these things. Read this list from your higher self and it will resonate deeply as the truth because it is.


The Truth of Who You Are

You are love. Love is the only thing that is real.


You are light. You are the light that lights up the world.


You are a powerful creator. Since God created you as an extension of Himself (or Herself) you poses all the same creative powers.


You are a sacred and eternal being. You are energy and energy is neither created nor destroyed. 


You are perfectly whole. There are no parts that are missing or broken.


You are a vibrational being. You are constantly in communication with the Universe by way of your vibration. (Learn more about this in my article "Manifestation 101: How to Manifest Anything Your Heart Desires".)


You are joyous. In your natural state of wellbeing you are joyous.


You are healthy. In your natural state of wellbeing you are healthy.


You are happy. In your natural state of wellbeing you are happy.


You are connected with every living thing. All living beings are universally connected to one another.


You are good. Deep down inside everyone is good.


You are worthy. It is your birthright to be happy.


You are kind. Kindness is one of your many God like qualities that has been instilled in you from the beginning.


You are beautiful. You are stunning and unique inside and out.


You are perfect. God created you perfectly.



Remember that.





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The Truth of Who You Are