The One Lie That is Killing Your Ability to Manifest

For months (maybe even years now) you've asked for, visualized, journaled about, and even meditated on that one thing that you so desperately want to manifest.

And yet, it's still nowhere to be found. The frustration is real and your patience is running thin.

But what if I told you there's only one thing standing in your way... one bad habit that is keeping you apart from all your desired manifestations.

Well, that one thing is this simple phrase:

"It's not happening."

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This one, seemingly harmless, thought is the only thing standing between you and your manifestations. You thinking and talking about how it's not happening is exactly why it's not happening!

That's it! As soon as you can move from a place of frustration with what is into hopefulness for what's coming, you'll finally be ready to receive it (whatever "it" may be for you).

When you're so set on paying attention to what is, rather than what you want, you just keep yourself stuck experiencing what already is. But when you can lean on the side of optimism and expectancy, you are open to receiving your desired manifestations.

So, instead of always just calling it like it is and ruining your life by being so damn realistic all the time, try being a little optimistic. You'd be surprised just how far a little optimism can take you, especially when it comes to manifesting.

How to (finally) receive

Instead of thinking and talking about how "it's not happening" try these statements instead:

"It could happen."

"It's happened for others, so I don't see why it couldn't happen for me."

"I'm excited for when it does happen."

"I feel like it's on it's way."

"I'm ready to receive it."

Talk yourself into alignment with what you want by thinking or saying things that affirm it's gonna happen for you. Because it is!

You've already done your part of the manifesting process, which was only to ask, and now, it is given. You're just too stubbornly "realistic" to see it. Too stuck in what is to let what could be even come close to happening!

Here's a practical, everyday example of how you can use this feeling of optimism and expectancy in conversation. This is how you speak things into existence.

Someone asks you, "Hey! How's it going?"

Normally, you (or most people for that matter) would simply respond with how you feel it is currently going, which usually isn't great. But this time you say, "It's going great! Life is really good."

Out of curiosity as to why you're so happy (and they aren't) they say, "That's awesome. Why is that?"

"Well, I've got a lot of great things lined up for me..." and then you share (with a sense of expectancy and enthusiasm) some of the things you've been calling into your experience and how they are about to unfold for you and BOOM! Get ready, because you've just successfully made your manifestations feel that much more welcome, and now, they will finally come.

Why you're not lying

I can hear your opposition already, "So... basically you're telling me to lie. Because if I say my manifestations are coming before I can even see them coming, then people will think I'm crazy..."

First of all, so what if people think you are crazy? They're just jealous that they don't understand how to create a badass life like you do.

Second of all, listen to me. You want to tell the truth? Here is the truth. Once you ask, it is already given. (For a better understanding of this statement, I highly recommend reading Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It's an amazing manifesting manual.) That's a fact. So, if you're talking about things that you are manifesting, technically, you're not lying. Because they are already happening, even if you can't see the physical evidence of them yet.

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