How NOT to Manifest a Specific Person

I cannot tell you how many emails and messages I get from people asking me (more like begging me) to teach them how to manifest the love of a specific person.

It's always the same old story, "I need my ex back because they are the ONLY one! (Even though they cheated on me/left me/abused me/etc...)" or "I'm in love with this one person, but they don't even notice me! How can I make (more like "spell") them to fall in love with me?"

Welp, I just can't take these emails anymore so it's time for me to publicly share my opinion on this topic once and for all! 

How NOT to Manifest a Specific Person

Now, I'm all for love and manifesting an awesome relationship, (Heck, I even used manifesting to attract the love of my life!) BUT here's what I have to say about manifesting a specific person.

Please, don't.

Please stop while you're ahead. While it is true that nothing is impossible, it is also true that when you try to manifest a specific person you are setting yourself up for Failure. Yes, with a capital "F".

The main problem with trying to manifest a specific person is that you're not taking into account the fact that everyone has their own free will. You know, that thing that makes life so worth living? Meaning, you can't just magically force people to want to be with you, or get back together with you, or fall in love with you, or whatever you're trying to do. Because that would mean you're eliminating their own free will, which is impossible.

Sure you get to manifest your own life experience, but so do they! So unless you're manifesting them while they're simultaneously manifesting you, your chances of success here are very slim. This is why I always do my best to steer people away from trying to manifest a specific person. It's simply too immoral, needy and controlling to insist that there's only one person in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD that can make you happy.

I mean seriously, think about how ridiculous that sounds! Have you personally met all 7 billion people (and counting) on this planet? Didn't think so. So how can you be so sure that this specific person in mind is the only one good enough for you?

What To Do Instead

Instead of trying to manifest a specific person, I say be open and go general. Of course, I want you to manifest the love of your life, but I am telling you that there are plenty of people on this planet who could be "the one"! What I mean when I say be open and go general is focus on the qualities of the person you would like to be with, rather than obsessing over a specific person who you think is the only one who has those qualities.

So if you're supposedly "in love" with John Smith, instead of trying to manifest him and him only, figure out why you like him in the first place. Let's say you like him because he's smart, handsome, thoughtful, funny, kind, and chivalrous. (Dannnnng, I can see why you're so obsessed with him!)

Instead of insisting that the Universe deliver him to you like he's some kind of desirable object, focus on manifesting any person who is "smart, handsome, thoughtful, funny, kind, and chivalrous". Maybe it will be him, maybe it won't, but either way, you'll end up a happy winner! #winning

I have an awesome resource for you that will totally help with this and it’s my free “Manifesting Cheat Sheet”! It’s a downloadable (and printable) pdf you download to help you get clear about and align with what you want. You can download the free “Manifesting Cheat Sheet” here and thank me later. ;)

A Personal Success Story

The man that I am with today was, in fact, my high school sweetheart. We dated throughout almost all of high school and then broke up with no intention of reuniting. After two years of being broken up, and having dated other people, I was ready for an entirely new relationship.

So, I got to work manifesting the love of my life. While I was manifesting I was only focused on what I wanted my relationship to feel like. I didn't have anyone specific in mind. In fact, I didn't even imagine what this handsome loverboy of mine would look like at all. I basically just said, "Universe, send me someone who's perfect for ME! You know best. I trust you." (You can read more about the specific method I used to manifest a relationship here.)

Little did I know that I was manifesting him, my ex, from high school! Today we have been happily back together for almost three years and we plan on keeping things this way. <3

The point of telling you this story is not to brag about how great I am at manifesting, but rather to inspire you with what has worked for me! My story just goes to show that if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. So, manifest the type of person you want to be with, be open to who they are, and the best one for you WILL find you! I promise.