3 Things God Wants You to Know

Disclaimer: I don't usually like to write about the "G" word too much because I feel like it kind of leaves some people out, but I have to tell you this story! So, if God isn't your jam, just change it in your mind to whatever you believe in. :)

When God Calls... You answer!

The other night I was having some troubles sleeping after watching a super serious movie. So, instead of doing something productive and soothing, like reading a nice book, I just defaulted to Facebook browsing. #theaddictionisreal

After about 30 minutes of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling... I finally became overwhelmed and had had enough. Enough violence, enough war, enough politics, just all of it! It was seriously bringing me down.

So, I put my phone away and began to say a little prayer. But then, something funny happened...

"Dear God,

Please help save us from ourselves..."

Before I could even finish I was interrupted, "Well, you're the messenger! You help them save themselves."

So here I am, "The Messenger" haha. Sharing the message that came through me that night.

There were three important things that God wanted me to express and remind us of.

Here they are!

3 Things God Wants You to Know

1. Love is the only thing that is real.

The first message I got loud and clear was a reminder that love is the ONLY thing that is real. Which I've read before in A Course in Miracles, but apparently God thought it was important to state again.

Love is the answer to every single problem. Love is who we are deep down inside. Love is all there really is.

Which means that fear, the opposite of love, is just an illusion of our own ego. Something we create in our minds. It can't touch us unless we think it can.

With that being said, the more you love people (including yourself) and the more you view life through a lens of love (instead of fear), the better you will feel because you'll be more in touch with with your truest, highest self.


Love is the only thing that is real.

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2. We are the creators of our own reality.

The second message is one I always teach about here on my blog, which can be a rude wake up call or an empowering notion, depending on your outlook of life. We are all the creators of our own reality. Our lives are simply a reflection of what's going on inside of us. Meaning our thoughts, feelings and emotions are what create our outside world.

Life works in this way for every single person, without exception. Each individual creates his or her life, weather they realize it or not. Every moment is a manifestation of a past, thought, feeling or vibration (otherwise known as mood).

So, knowing this precious, life-changing information it's in our best interest to feel good on purpose and focus on the things we like and want so that we can create more of them in our lives. When we put a lot of attention and focus onto something we are basically choosing to include it in our experience. Quit worrying about what you hate and oppose and start embracing everything good in your world. Soon enough it will start showing up in your reality!


We are the creators of our own reality.

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3. Life is supposed to be fun.

The third is something that we all loose sight us as we grow up and start "adulting". Life is supposed to be fun!

When I had depression (for three long years) I was so confused because I would think, "We can't just be here to be miserable until we die. It makes no sense! How can that be the purpose of life?!" And now, in hindsight, I realize that I was right and that we are not just here (on this planet) to be miserable.

We are here to have fun! Any little kid can tell you that.

Fun with our friends and family... Fun on the job... Fun with our creative abilities that I just touched on above... If you think about how you feel when you're having fun, you can see how it should be more highly prioritized in your life. So prioritize it and stop taking life so seriously all the time.


Life is supposed to be fun.

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There it is! The three things God wanted me to tell you. Things we all know, but so easily forget.

After this experience happened to me, I filmed a little video to put on my Facebook and Youtube. It basically says the same thing you just read, but you know, in case you're super into what God has to say, here it is! (Excuse the poor quality, but it was kind of spur of the moment. Hah!) Enjoy!