11 Ridiculously Easy Ways You Can Raise Your Vibration

One thing I'm always ranting about on this blog is "raising your vibration". Which really just means feeling better (on purpose).

And that's for two reasons: 1. The whole point of life is to feel good, which will require you to raise your vibration and 2. Being a high vibe person is the key to getting everything you want out of life!

How's that for winning!? ;)

But sometimes it's hard to feel good. And I get it. That's precisely why I created this list of SUPER easy ways you can feel better and raise your vibration.

Now, I'm not talking about the stuff you already know you should be doing to raise your vibration, like being grateful, practicing forgiveness, using affirmations, reading inspirational books and meditating.

I'm talking about EASY, totally no-brainer ways that you can raise your vibration without even trying. Some involve doing something easy, some involve not doing something you're probably already doing, and others are just plain mindless activities!

Lets dig into them, shall we?

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1. Spend time in water

There's something very magical about spending time in water. Weather you simply take a shower or go for a swim, water is a great tool for releasing resistance and raising your vibration. Even just a few minutes of "water therapy", as I like to call it, can make a huge difference!

2. Declutter

Your stuff is bringing you down. Period. And as soon as you get rid of some of it, you'll notice just how much. If you don't even know where to begin, allow me to help. I've already written a whole article about decluttering here! Start today and you'll notice how much lighter and easier everything feels.

3. Stop watching/reading the "news"

How do you feel when you watch the news? Scared, stressed, anxious? Notice how these are all BAD feelings. By watching the news you are lowering your vibration A TON. So just stop. There are more pleasant things to be filling you mind with. Plus, you being "informed" helps nobody. How about reading a good book instead? I've got a whole list of them here!

4. Spend time with high vibe peeps

You are who you hang out with! So start surrounding yourself with people who feel good and you too will begin to feel good. It's simple physics. People with vastly different energetic frequencies cannot share the same space, so something has to give. And if you hang out with people who feel better than you, your shitty vibration is what's gonna give as it starts to match theirs! #science

5. Listen to uplifting beats

Since music is a type of frequency, you can easily raise your vibration by listening to some that feels good. It's like a vibration raising hack because it takes hardly any effort on your part to sit and enjoy a nice tune! Try it now. 

6. Eat More veggies

Now, I'm really in no position to talk about food and that's why I almost never do. (Trust me, I'm not afraid to throw down some tacos or mac and cheese.) BUT eating cleaner really is one of the easiest ways to feel better. While you may not notice an immediate mood change (unless you're very sensitive), adopting a more plant based diet does drastically raise your vibration over time.

The cleaner your body, the higher your vibe. My good friend Anika has a great blog all about good, healthy eats you should check out if eating better is something you would like to try!

7. Move your body

Any form of exercise will immediately raise your frequency. Take a walk, do a little dance, lift some weights, do what you gotta do to get your heart pumping and you'll notice an energetic shift right away. This is a great tactic for the impatient! And if you move your body every day, you'll notice a massive energetic shift over time.

8. Breathe

When you breathe deeply you release resistence, when you release resistance, you raise your vibration. It's really that simple. Try it with me now. Breathe in... Breathe out... Now repeat three times. Um, how easy was that?!

9. Watch something funny

I'm not a big proponent of mindless tv watching, BUT a super no brainer way to raise your vibration is to laugh. So put on your favorite comedy and get to it! My favorites are That 70's ShowJane the Virgin, and Modern Family in case you need somewhere to start. 

10. Be in nature

Since nature, by nature, is all natural (Hah!) it's no wonder that it can cleanse your vibe. Just by being around it some of it's calm, grounded, carefree energy will rub off on you and make you feel better. It's perfect (by design) for raising your vibration.

11. Love yourself

Loving yourself is one of the fastest ways to feel better and raise your vibes. Maybe it doesn’t seem like the “easiest” way to raise your vibration, but luckily for you I’ve made it easy with this free “21 Self-Love Journal Prompts” printable. Click the link to download yours and start cultivating more self-love today!


There you have it folks! 11 ridiculously easy ways you can raise your vibration starting today! I'd love to hear your number 11 as well as some of your other favorite tips and tricks in the comments. Time to vibrate higher!